112: Saga #36; Sex Criminals #15

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This week, Under the Comic Covers is very pleased
to be talking about two titles that have always gone great together
(see Episode 3 for why we feel that way). First up, we have
Saga #36, wrapping up the series’ sixth arc in
spectacular fashion. After that, we have a return to form with
Sex Criminals #15. We may have ripped this book a
new one after issue #14, but this issue, wrapping up it’s third
arc, makes up for whatever grievances we may have had. As an added
little bonus, we discuss the new Image Comics
magazine, Image+, as Mr. Blahg’s Top of the Stack
pick. Included in this magazine is the first of twelve parts of The
Walking Dead’s Negan backstory, and so much


  1. Intro   (0:00)    

  2. UtCC News of the Week   (9:24)

  3. Saga #36   (11:07)

  4. Saga Mail   (40:42)

  5. Sex Criminals #15  (49:26)

  6. Sex Criminals Mail   (1:22:39)

  7. Top of the Stack: Image+   (1:27:31)

  8. End   (1:35:23)


Next episode: Nailbiter #2, Rat Queens #16, Revival
#39, The Walking Dead #154


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