Under the Comic Covers – The Walking Dead, Issue #120

The Walking Dead, Issue #120

Greeting zombie fans… for reasons completely unknown to me, I dropped the ball on posting about mine and Grace’s most recent episode of Under the Comic Covers.  This time, we dig into issue #120, the sixth part of The Walking Dead‘s All Out War arc, concluding the first half of the planned 12 issue story… and let me just warn you now, we get a little bit ribald in this one.  Parental discretion is advised… and for the more squeamish male listeners, be forewarned, feminine hygiene in the zombie apocalypse is discussed.

This podcast reaches in and pulls at the intestines of The Walking Dead, so if you are not completely caught up with the series, beware… spoilers a plenty.

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Now I know what a menstrual cup is,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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