It’s a New Year… Time to Blahg

May your New Year be full of joy and undeath

Hello readers, and Happy New Year!

After having taken a few weeks off from any blogging and podcasting duties, I’m feeling the need to share.  I hope all of your holidays, whatever they may be, were fruitful and merry… and considering that last year my New Year began with a pair of kidney stones, 2014 is already shaping up to be a vast improvement over 2013.

As another year has dawned on us, I suppose I should take a brief moment to highlight some of the great things that happened over the last twelve months… and I believe all of them have to do with zombies and The Walking Dead’Cast.  I had a number of fine things happen personally… but as far as Mr. Blahg is concerned, it’s been a very undead year.

In addition to having been a guest on The Walking Dead’Cast talking zombies, Game of Thrones, or The Last of Us, I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Jason in San Diego during Comic-Con and meeting a number of listeners during their fan meet-up, we ran The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course where I promptly evacuated the beery contents of my stomach after completing the course, I had the great opportunity to be a fill-in host with my oldest daughter Maggie while Jason and Karen went on vacation, having my reviews of The Walking Dead television series cross posted on TWDC‘s website, and Mrs. Blahg and I attended Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta in November and had a chance to meet up with other podcasters, some of the stars of The Walking Dead and other zombie franchises, and to finally meet my podcasting partner, Gracie Lou, with whom I record Under the Comic Covers with.  Atlanta was the first chance that me, Jason, Karen, Grace, and super-fan Pi’ilani had to finally meet and break some bread together, and it was a very good thing… and I got to co-moderate a panel with Jason interviewing Melissa Ponzio and Daniel Thomas May!  A fine trip indeed!

2013 is also the year that I decided to ditch any and all political commentary on the blog and dedicate it solely to entertainment.  I will be sticking with movies, TV, books, comics, podcasts, music, video games, and other random pop culture nonsense.   I’ve been a little slow in my reviews lately, but I believe that has more to do with finding myself dabbling in a few different areas than any lack of interest… in fact, I will probably be posting less as the year progresses due to a few upcoming projects on the horizon.

What are those upcoming projects you ask?  I can’t really say at this time… but I can say that mine and Gracie Lou’s podcast segment on The Walking Dead’Cast may be expanding a bit.  We are already making each segment a full episode of The Walking Dead’Cast, and expanding what we discuss by increments… but our hope is to do something more with it in the near future.  We already have a Twitter account (follow us @UTCCovers) and an email account that you can send in questions and comments (, and I encourage all of you to follow us and to send in some emails… we love getting feedback.

In addition to Under the Comic Covers, I may be resurrecting The Mr. Blahg’Cast.  I’m still working out a few details, but look for a streamlined cast with less rambling, more goofy segments, and a tighter feel than what came before.  And if all of that weren’t enough, there may be another podcast coming in the future that I am extremely excited for and has the makings of something truly great.  Stay tuned.

Well… I just wanted to touch base with everyone, say hello and let you all know what’s going on on my end.  As for the blog itself, I have a review of American Hustle coming up shortly… a few more comic reviews… another episode of Under the Comic Covers coming later this week, covering Issue #119 of The Walking Dead… I will be covering each week of The Walking Dead when that begins again February 9th… and if there is any interest, I wouldn’t mind covering Girls (would anyone like to hear my thoughts on that show?).  I look forward to challenging myself with some more music reviews (I have a hard time with those), and look forward to reading some more books that aren’t filled with pictures (once Mrs. Blahg is done reading it, I’m going to dig into Donna Tart’s Goldfinch, which seems to be taking the lit world by storm).

As a final note… I have to say congratulations to Jason and Karen of The Walking Dead’Cast for winning the New Media West’s podcast award for Best Entertainment!  It is well deserved, and I am humbled and honored to now be a small part in an award winning cast.  Congrats my friends!

The future was yesterday… this is the post-future,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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