Under the Comic Covers: The Walking Dead Issue #118

The Walking Dead Issue #118

Many of you who listen to The Walking Dead’Cast with Jason and Karen are already aware that I have been doing a segment on the podcast with my partner in casting Gracie Lou covering each issue of The Walking Dead comic as the 12 issue story arc “All Out War” unfolds.  This week, we did something different… Jason joined us for a special stand alone episode where the three of us got together to chat about our top three favorite moments from the issue, give some predictions for what we expect to happen in the future, answer some listener moans, groans, and/or grunts, and recommend another comic series for those so inclined.

Not only has it been my utmost pleasure to be a part of The Walking Dead’Cast in general, but I’m honored to have the opportunity to share the experience with Gracie Lou as we now embark on making Under the Comic Covers a regular feature, hopefully going beyond this arc and into the distant future as the comic continues to grow.

For those of you who read the comic but do not watch the television series or don’t listen to The Walking Dead’Cast, I invite you to join in and be a part of a growing and fantabulous community of Walking Dead and zombie fans in general.  For those of you who don’t even like zombies… listen anyway.

We don’t currently have an email address for you to contact us, but you can email Jason at brains@walkingdeadcast.com, call to leave a voicemail message for us at (650) 485-DEAD (3323), or simply email me at mrblahg@mrblahg.com, or leave a comment here and we may read it during the next cast.  We love getting feedback and are eager to make this the best experience for us, and ultimately for you the listener/reader.

As a tease… this is but one small part of something much larger to come.  Hope may spring eternal… but spring often brings all sorts of new growth and groovy things.  Spring of 2014 looks to be most groovy indeed.

Download and listen to the podcast here.

Always remember… Don’t get bit,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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