What’s In My Hear Hole Today: James Bonding

Bonding… James Bonding

If there is a theme to my posts recently it would have to be this:  Pay attention to recommendations from people whose tastes you share.

In last week’s episode of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, Glen Weldon, my fave of the quartet, gave a resounding two thumbs up for a relatively new podcast from Nerdist, James Bonding.  Thanks to my love of all things James Bond I decided to give this podcast a listen… and after many many hours spent over the weekend getting myself caught up with this hilarious and intelligent new ‘cast, I can now consider myself a fan… and I’m here to tell you all about it.

The premise is simple… Matt Gourley, comedian and host of the Superego podcast, and Matt Mira, co-host of the Nerdist podcast, are both huge Bond fans… so they decided to review each of the 23 films with special guests for each episode.  Instead of watching and reviewing each movie in order, they decide to bookend the series beginning with Dr. No, then Skyfall, followed by From Russian with Love, then back over to Quantum of Solace… eventually meeting in the middle with For Your Eyes Only.

Sounds simple enough… but the catch is that these two men are not only great comedians with sharp wit and an amazing encyclopedic knowledge of everyone’s favorite super-spy, but their guests are equally as wonderful and entertaining, giving a completely different flavor and take with each episode.

The most recent episode covers Casino Royale, and is the sixth (really the seventh, they did an introductory episode #0) episode of the podcast.  Matt and Matt are joined by Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, who both love the film… and as the favorite Bond film of both Matt and Matt (and your’s truly), this episode is filled with so much lighthearted humor and over the top admiration for the movie that you can’t help but smile and laugh throughout… and it is probably the longest of the episodes thus far… runs well over two hours.

The previous episode covering Goldfinger, the fifth podcast episode, the third film in the franchise, Matt and Matt are joined by Alie and Georgia, two women who have never seen a Bond film and are hardcore feminists.  The tone between this episode and the Casino Royale episode could not be more different.  These women find nothing redeeming about Bond and spend the hour and a half blasting so many of the very things that make Bond what he is… and there is no defense for the rapey aspects of what that is… but in the end, that sort of strife makes for podcasting gold… and I was laughing for hours.

If you like comedy… and you love James Bond… this is the podcast for you.  You will love reliving your favorite Bond moments, and you will adore taking the piss out of them… and in the very competent hands of these two men who genuinely love this subject and with the wide variety of guests that they have coming on, you simply can’t lose.

Cornelius J. Blahg

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