The TV Box: Breaking Bad, S5E13: To’hajiilee

It’s over?

There are spoilers for Breaking Bad ahead… if the title of this post didn’t tip you off to that, then go ahead, read on… because obviously you don’t know how to read… which begs the question… how did you get here, and why?


Could Jesse have been more spot on last week when he said whatever you think will happen, the exact opposite of that will happen?  I knew Jesse had something up his sleeve, but I didn’t think it would work as perfectly as it did… and then turn completely tits up thanks to Walt’s penchant for overreaction (read: Mike).

While Walt was sitting around waiting for Jesse to meet him in the center of the town square, we now know that Lydia and Todd were busy cooking a fresh, and 76% pure, batch of not-so-crystal-blue-persuasion.  Although the cook is better, it’s still not up to Lydia’s standards… and without the blue tint, not up to the “brands” standards.  What we get from these scenes is that: A) Todd’s Uncle Jack is a first class creep, B) Lydia is determined to increases the quality of her product, regardless of who she has to do business with, and C) Todd totally has a crush on Lydia… and his rubbing of her lipstick stain left behind on the mug was just weird.

When Todd receives that call from Walt, and we know what was said on the other end thanks to the finale of last weeks episode, we also get a glimpse of the complete lack of morality that Todd has.  The notion of setting up a hit on Jesse was like going to the store to get milk for Todd… his is a black soul, devoid of any redeeming qualities, and is probably a mirror of what Jesse would be if he weren’t a genuinely decent guy beneath the junkie veneer.

Honestly, I’m still reeling from the fact that Jesse is now working with Hank and Gomez.  Yes, I understand that Jesse has finally had it with all of Walt’s lie and manipulations, and that poisoning a child was certainly a bridge too far as far as he was concerned (we saw his moral dilemma when Todd killed that kid after the train heist), but that he would not just turn Walt in, but would actively work with the DEA to take him out shows just how far Jesse, like Hank and Marie, as willing to go to take Walt down.  Remember back to the first episode of the series… Walt on a ride along with Hank, going after Captain Cook himself… Jesse… and now we’ve come full circle.

Let’s discuss Jesse’s plan for a moment.  He knows that there is only one thing that Walt really cares about in this whole debacle… the money.  That was the one and only reason Walt did any of these horrific activities (unless you count the multiple murders committed as a means of keeping Jesse both cooking and safe), and Jesse is the only one who knows the mechanisms that Walt uses for his money, Saul and his goofy henchmen.

No entry wound… no exit wound… sure, that’s believable.

First, they go after Huell, who doesn’t strike me as being the sharpest tool in the shed.  The whole picture of Jesse with his brains spilling out was both genius and ridiculous.  If Huell had looked at the picture critically for more than a millisecond, he would have seen how stupid it looked… but nope, he laid out everything he knew once he believed the gig was over.  Thanks to Jesse’s understanding of how Walt operates, he knew exactly what to do with that info.

These actions tell me two things… Jesse is much more intelligent than anyone ever gives him credit for, and you can only know someone that well if you care… and for as much as Jesse is pissed at Walt, I believe he does still care.  For as much fear as we see on Jesse’s face when Jack’s crew shows up to riddle the desert with lead, I believe we see a look of betrayal on his face as well.  He believed he was set up before… but wasn’t… this time the betrayal is writ large… and let’s face it… that has got to hurt.

Of course, Walt did betray Jesse… big time… and Jesse betrayed Walt… big time… but it’s Walt’s betrayal, crossing the “family” line that he has always set for himself that stings the most.  How does one ask for a kind execution?  Do it quickly because he’s like family?  That’s low… even for Walt.  But watching Jack turn Walt from an employer to an employee was a master stroke on the Aryan ass-wipes part.  This is the payoff for that bad feeling you got when you first met Todd… we knew he was going to be a problem… and now he is becoming THE problem.

How many of you screamed at your TV’s when Walt gave Jack the coordinates to the money?  So now Jesse, Hank, and Gomez know where the money is… and the Aryan Brotherhood, at the very least, know about that location… so much for a foolproof plan.

Is this the end? Hell no…

Did you ever expect to see Walt in handcuffs?  I didn’t.  I imagined something more along the lines of what happened immediately afterwards… but not the grinding tension of seeing Walt and Hank going through the motions.  Unfortunately, when Hank made that call to Marie, and we see the trucks pull up… do you think Hank will survive this gun battle?  We know Walt survives thanks to the flashforward… but what about the others?  And how bad of marksmen on these guys?  They had forever and a day to line up their shots… hell, we even see one dude squinting and getting Hank and Gomez in his sights… how in the fuck did they miss so badly?

One theory I’ve heard bandied about today (I’ve read many many theories already… but I like this one) is that Jesse will be captured by Jack and Company and forced to cook.  Perhaps Hank and Gomez are dead… not too sure about that… but what we see in the flashforward, Walt with that ginormous M60, is Walt going to rescue Jesse.  That would not only potentially reconcile our favorite meth-cook team (be honest, this show was the best when those two were cooking), but give a slight redemptive arc to Walt’s diminishing moral returns.

Another theory, that probably dovetails nicely with the above scenario, is that Hank dies and Marie decides to take justice into her own hands, causing Skyler to have to take out her own sister.  I don’t know where that comes from… but I’d take it… or maybe the other way around.

Look… it’s Saul Goodman… the guy from the billboards!

I’m going to take the Jesse Pinkman approach and understand that whatever I think will happen, won’t.  Instead, I’m going to continue to laugh at Walt Jr.’s face when he sees Saul show up at the car wash… it was just too hilarious to see this kid getting excited about seeing a billboard lawyer… it’s like getting excited about meeting the most successful tow truck driver or something.  I guess if you appear on TV in any form it makes you a minor celebrity, regardless of what a scumbag you are (which probably has something to do with the rise of reality TV, and the entire existence of Honey Boo-Boo and her mother).

What are your thoughts?  We have only three more episodes to go… will Breaking Bad end with Walt as the ultimate anti-hero, or the ultimate villain?  Who will walk away in the end?  Who will end up dead in the beginning of the next episode, Ozymandius?  Is there a clue to the coming events in that title name?  Ramses II?  Adrian Veidt?  So close…

Blue’s our brand,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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  1. I actually think that this episode should be the last episode. It would be great to end here… as there are so many possibilities. It would be like Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger?”… but with hundreds of possibilities.

    1. Hi Greg… on one hand I agree with you… this would have been an amazing ending leaving so much to our imaginations and leaving such an array of questions open that we would probably be debating the meaning of everything for the next 30 years.

      On the other hand… I’m greedy… I simply want more, and specifically, I want to know what happens in that flashforward. I need some resolution on that.

      This final half of the season has exceeded every expectation I’ve had… couldn’t be happier.

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