The Walking Dead’Cast: Episode 107: A Cast of Pods

Here’s looking at you kid

Last Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of joining Jason, Karen, and Mr. Karen (aka David) from The Walking Dead’Cast for an unofficial field trip to see World War Z and to follow that up with a podcast chat where we reviewed the film, the BBC’s new television zombie drama In the Flesh, PS3’s amazing The Last of Us, and of course… a very long winded talk (or as Jason refers to it… a luxuriously long and spoilerific analysis) about the third season of Game of Thrones.

The podcast runs a bit long… just a hair over 2 hours… but it’s 2 hours of great discussion, great laughs, and even greater fun.  I must publicly apologize to Jason for interrupting him more than a few times as we were talking about The Last of Us… I was simply overly excited and having such a great time I would occasionally forget we were on mics.  Sorry about that…

So join us in our conversation and download or listen to the podcast… it can be heard at or downloaded from iTunes.  Be forewarned… I get a bit foul mouthed at a few points and say a few things that some might consider embarrassing or mildly offensive.

Stay til the end for some wonderfully out of context sound-bites,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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