Music Review: Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

When Daft Punk dropped their new single, Get Lucky, I was thrilled, excited even… I may not be a fan of Daft Punk in general, but I’ve always had somewhat of a begrudging admiration for what they have done in the past.  Get Lucky seemed to be a turning point, both for myself and Daft Punk.  Having listened to their first new album in eight years, Random Access Memories, all I can say is… overrated, thy name is Daft Punk.

Their concept behind the album was that they were going back to basics, back to what they originally destroyed in an orchestrated attempt to redefine electronic music.  Perhaps if they hadn’t relied so heavily on the vocoder/auto-tune I wouldn’t have such a problem with the album, but the vast gulf between the catchy hooks of Get Lucky and the remainder is wide and deep.

I’ve made an effort to steer clear of giving bad reviews for music I simply don’t care for… but in this case, I feel snookered.  I was drawn in by an amazing song… and had that excitement deflated upon my first listen.  I gave the album a few more tries, I was searching for what it was that I was missing… but in the end, I can’t get behind Random Access Memories and have already removed it from my iPhone to make way for anything more bearable than this album… like whale noises or screeching owls or the sound of someone rubbing styrofoam together.

Disappointed, thy name is,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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