Have you considered visiting Cleveland?

CLEVELAND!!  We're not Detroit!

I’ve never been to Cleveland, OH… I’ve never had a desire to go to Cleveland… and chances are good that I never shall… but I implore you to watch, and inevitably enjoy, these two tourism videos this tourism video of America’s second favorite city to mock (you will know the first favorite city of mockery by the end of the second video sadly, the second video has it’s embedding feature disabled by request, so you won’t get the big payout in the end… which is that at least they aren’t Detroit) .  You may be asking yourself, “Why is Mr. Blahg imploring me to watch these stupid videos this stupid video?”  The answer is simple… because I love you… and this shit is hilarious.

Special thanks to Mark S. for turning me on to these gems this gem of absurdity.

(Very annoyed that I can’t post the second video… seek it out on You Tube)

Is there a Bakersfield tourism video,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

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