The TV Box: The Walking Dead, S3E8: Made to Suffer

Hold on honey... I have something in my eye

You know the drill… spoilers ahead.  Actually, the pic above is a bit more spoilery than I like to be, but damn, that’s a great pic!

Finishing up the first half of the third season of The Walking Dead, Made to Suffer brings Rick’s band of merry pranksters deep into Woodbury in order to rescue Glenn and Maggie, finds The Governor in a rather difficult position, and introduces us to a new group of survivors coming in through the back door of the prison… all in one breakneck hour.  A fantastic episode capped with a cliffhanger (unless you watched the preview of the next half of the season where they actually spoil that which made the ending a cliffhanger… oops) that will have us fans slathering for answers over the next two months as we wait for the show’s February 10th. return.

Surprisingly, we open with a new group of survivors.  I knew this character was going to be introduced, but I honestly expected this reveal to be the cliffhanger for the mid season finale… instead, we meet Tyreese (Chad Coleman), a fan favorite from the comic, and very much a favorite of mine, immediately… along with his sister Sasha (Soniqua Martin-Green), Allen, Donna, and their son Ben.  Sadly, this new group is beset with zombies and are trying to escape when Donna gets bitten on the arm.  Tyreese won’t leave her behind and makes for what appears to be a dilapidated ruin of a building… and in a pan out we see that it’s the other side of the prison!  I guess they haven’t explored every part of the prison since this seems to be quite open and easily accessible to both the living and the undead alike.

If I had a hammer...

We will return to Tyreese and his group soon enough… but seriously… Tyreese!  I was thrilled to not just see him, but to see his hammer as well.  I will cover more of this in my Comic vs. Show segment, but know this… I’m stoked for what his arrival means for the series!

Back in Woodbury, we begin to see what exactly Milton’s memory awareness tests on zombies are really all about… Penny.  Through classical conditioning, The Governor is playing music and setting a scene for the benefit of his daughter… or rather, for his benefit… in order to train her to not attack, to be passive, to be his little girl again.  Sadly, she shows much more interest in the bowl of human meat than she does her father, and he angrily puts the hood back over her head, puts the straight jacket back on, and shoves her back into her box.

Honestly, I felt for the man.  One aspect of the direction they have been going with The Governor’s story line that I didn’t expect was that I actually feel for the guy.  Sure, he’s a bad guy, and we get that in the first episode we meet him… but contrary to the comic, he is not a cookie cutter villain… there are shades of his humanity still there, we can begin to see exactly how and why he unravels, and shockingly, they have managed to humanize a character that easily could have come off as a mustache twirling baddie.  The lines between “good guy” and “bad guy” are getting more and more blurry with each episode, and I couldn’t be happier.

Glenn and Maggie are still licking each other’s wound (figuratively… come on) when Glenn gets the bright idea to break the arm of the zombie still in the room after his chair-kwon-do action of the previous episode in order to get the sharpened ulna and radius for Maggie to use as a weapon.  A scene both revolting and ingenious all at once!  Have I mentioned that this episode was written by Robert Kirkman himself?

The Governor seems to be very aware of making sure Andrea never finds out what he is up to.  She has no clue that he is holding Glenn and Maggie, he makes sure that she never sees Strike Force Delta a bit later in the episode, and he never lets on that anything beyond letting Michonne go happened… and for all of her idiocy up to this point, I don’t imagine he will be able to keep his charade up for too much longer.

In keeping with this plan, The Gov talks to Merle about using Daryl as an inside man in the prison and eventually allowing the prison to be overrun with the undead again with the hopes of saving face since Merle has stated that trying to clear it out would be impossible.  You can’t keep order if people see the emperor has no clothes… and beyond brains and brutality, The Gov is a bit thread bare.  He then tells Merle to toss Glenn and Maggie into the “screaming pits”.  What the fuck is that!!  Whatever it is… can’t be good.

Zed Squad 4, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and red shirt Oscar, begin making their way into Woodbury based on Michonne’s recollections… yet she seems a bit more interested in getting to Phillip’s apartment as opposed to rescuing our resident love birds.  They interrogate some hapless townsman, gag him, and continue on.

Zed Squad 4

We get a brief break from this tension as we return to the prison to find Axel chatting it up with Beth and asking her age.  He gets a bit excited when he hears that she is 17, you follow me?  This causes Carl to descend on them as a protective young man is wont to do when he feels threatened by an encroaching potential mate… one more piece of maturation for our little alpha male.  Thankfully, Carol intercedes before Carl shoots him in the face and we get some of the more hilarious bits of dialogue all season.  Axel is bummed there aren’t many women in the group… and Carol’s obviously a lesbian (as he points to the hair as evidence of this “fact”)!  She dispels this self created myth, he seems encouraged by this news, and she quickly dispels any further fantasies he may be having.  Axel hasn’t had much in the way of dialogue or story arc so far, but everything he’s said has been music to my ears… I love that goofy bastard!

Merle and another red shirt, Warren, go to collect Glenn and Maggie (they need a contracted name… Gleggie or Magglen… maybe MagGlen will work).  Glenn attacks, Merle puts him down quickly, Maggie thrusts that broken arm through Warren’s throat (man… everyone is turning into straight up murderers), turns Warren’s gun on Merle, and a Mexican standoff is born.  Merle let off a bunch of gun fire before having a gun turned on him… but Martinez shows up and takes MagGlen captive again.

That gun fire at least allows Rick and Co. to know where they need to be… and the rescue mission is on.  This is where shit goes crazy… using flash bang grenades, they manage to get MagGlen while at the same time Michonne just ups and disappears causing Rick to question whether or not she led them into a trap.  MagGlen confess to having spilled the beans about the prison, and Daryl wants to stay and get his big bro Merle.  The Governor, knowing that a battle is on, gives his guards a “shoot to kill” order and tells the rest of Woodbury to take refuge in their homes… and makes double sure that Andrea is nowhere to be seen during the battle.  I imagine seeing Rick and Michonne might tip her off that something isn’t right.  Then again, this is Andrea… I’m not sure a neon sign that says “cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs” over Phillip’s head with an arrow pointing to him would be enough of a sign.

My favorite scene of the episode happens back in the prison.  After hearing some screams that don’t sound like walkers coming from the back of the prison, Carl steps up to investigate.  Hershel tries to stop him, but Carl points out that he wouldn’t question his dad going out… so Hershel let’s him pass.  That’s the first testicle to drop.  He then proceeds to head down those darkened prison hall armed with his silenced pistol and a flashlight.  He comes upon Tyreese and his group fighting off some walkers (hammer flailing away!), takes some out with a few well placed head shots, and leads them all to safety… then behind bars!  Yes, little Carl locks them up for safety reasons… just like dear old dad would… and when questioned about this, answers very calmly and demands respect, and with one simple sentence, “You heard the man.”, Tyreese delivers all the respect Carl demands.  Second testicle dropped right there.

The Man

Sadly, Donna dies there in the prison… Carl offers to shoot her for them, you know… once you shoot your mom in the head, everything else is easy.  They decline his kind (?) offer.

I really loved that scene.  The way Carl does what he believes is best for his group, the very mature and in control grasp of what he has to do, and the greatness of a huge man such as Tyreese giving deference to a thirteen year old boy… granted, an armed to the teeth thirteen year old boy wearing a kick ass hat… but a thirteen year old none the less.  The way we saw Tyreese argue with his sister to not just let Donna die and the way he knows when not to argue is a fantastic introduction to what I’m sure will be an amazing character.  As for Allen and Ben… let’s just say that those, and Donna’s name are familiar to us comic readers… they were in the original camp… but I don’t know how they will fit in here, or if their story arcs will remain.  Again, I’ll get into that in my Comic vs. Show segment.

The proverbial fan is still being hit with a ton of shit in Woodbury… a whole lot of gunfire going on… and Andrea is being a bit naughty by getting her gun out and shooting back.  She sees one of the offending interlopers, but only sees Oscar, someone who she doesn’t know.  Rick starts hallucinating, believing he sees Shane, causing him to pause, and getting Oscar shot.  Yeah… Oscar is dead.  Funny thing… T-Dog dies just as Oscar joins the group… now Oscar dies just as Tyreese joins the group.  Is there a clause in the contract for this show that states they can only have one large black man on the show at any given time?  Seems a bit odd to me… Rick decides to get the hell out of there… tells Daryl to follow him…

As for that hallucination… Rick is still a bit off his rocker and obviously dealing with some sort of guilt or post traumatic stress syndrome.  How ever you look at it, Rick isn’t quite up to snuff in the sanity department.  I welcome this… it would be nonsensical to believe that someone who is going so deep down the rabbit hole of wacky is suddenly A-OK after a phone call from crazytown.  This shit would require years of therapy…

Michonne made her way to The Governor’s apartment and sits, waiting for the man to arrive.  This is a bit of a problem for me… has he done enough evil from Michonne’s point of view to actually justify sitting in his house waiting to ambush and murder the man?  I don’t quite understand her reasoning behind this action… yes, he’s not a good guy and has a weird tank full of zombie heads… and sure he sent Merle out to kill you… and… well, OK… maybe that’s reason enough.

She sits… waits… begins to hear some scratching noises coming from his bedroom.  Now this scene had me on my feet and feeling very very nervous, just an incredibly paced and well played moment.  She goes to Penny’s cage, opens the cage to see a hooded child, calls her forward, released the chain, and removes the hood… horrifying!  The tenderness Michonne shows towards what she assumed to be a captive human child recalls how tender she was when we first met her with Andrea.  Under that scowls and brutal warrior woman exterior, she is a caring and loving person who is obviously aghast at what she has found.  For all the superhero like qualities she has exhibited thus far in the show, there is an evident kindness to her that we are only getting hints of… or perhaps, the actress Danai Gurira is simply so kind that she can’t hide it.  Either way, this scene dripped with tension.

Michonne and Penny share a moment with mood lighting

Before Michonne can take out this little biter, Phillip shows up and pleads for his daughter’s life.  Again, I felt for the man.  David Morrissey has brought such depth and nuance to the character that I’m shocked at how much I find my self sympathizing with The Governor.  If I thought Andrew Lincoln should win an Emmy or Golden Globe for the scene where he learns of Lori’s death, Morrissey should be in contention for this scene… because ultimately, The Gov’s pleas fall on deaf ears as Michonne skewers Penny through the head.  Oddly heartbreaking.

Why weep when you can fight?  And The Gov and Michonne have it out in a big way… strangling one another, knocking over the zombiequarium, brutal fisticuffs, and Michonne… about to die at the hands of The Governor, grabs onto a shard of broken glass from one of the fish tanks and stabs him in the eye!  Ugh!!

Give me a kiss...

Andrea appears just as she is about to take him out and another showdown ensues… between Andrea and Michonne.  Complete confusion… that is the only way to describe Andrea in this moment… Michonne lowers her sword and Andrea lets her pass… and she looks around at the devastation… at Phillip with a hunk of glass sticking out of his eye, cradling his dead zombie daughter, a snapping head at her feet from the zombiequarium…

Doc Stevens cleans up The Gov’s eye, Andrea questions him about what she saw… hopefully she is finally having some doubts… Michonne meets up with Rick and the gang stating that she wasn’t a spy and that they still need her, and The Governor makes a speech to the townsfolk from the fighting arena… a speech about terrorists out to destroy them and the need for protection and ultimately, puts the blame square onto Merle… and proceeds to bring out a hooded Daryl, the first meeting of the brothers’ Dixon since Merle’s disappearance, and for us the viewers, the first time other than a hallucination that we have seen the two actors together… and Andrea looking on, perhaps putting the pieces together.

the Brothers' Dixon, together at last

So there you have it… the mid season finale of the third season of The Walking Dead.  Did it live up to your expectations?  What were you hoping to see?  What was missing?  For me, it was an incredible hour of television and an amazing cap to the best first half of a season yet.  I’m sure there are many who will complain that it didn’t have the same kick in the groin moment as last season’s mid finale reveal of Sophia in the barn… but I believe that episode had that particular kick due to the desire for something… anything… to happen.  This season is different… this season opened fast and continued at that pace giving us brief moments of respite.  There seemed to be fewer zombie moments in this episode… but that seems germane to a season who’s tag line is: Fight the Dead, Fear the Living.

Now all we have to do is to wait… wait until February 10th. to find out the fates of Daryl and Merle and to speculate on what will happen with Rick and The Governor finally come face to face.  There are a host of things I am going to discuss in my Comic vs. Show post… but that will have to wait until later this week… for now… I bid you farewell and hope that you will continue reading between now and February.  Also, “like” my fan page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @mrblahg.  I realize there are some who are here for nothing more than The Walking Dead… stick around for a while, check out some movie reviews, maybe a game review or two… whatever you do, enjoy.

Edit: 12/4/12 – Being the moron that I am, I misspelled Tyreese many times throughout this and previous posts.  Thanks to Grace for pointing this out to me… I’ve only read the comics 9 or 10 times through, how should I know how to spell a name I’ve seen thousands of times!

Excuse me sir… I think you have something in your eye,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

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  1. Excellent review C. Can’t wait for the comics vs tv portion. So what do I do for four months? I finished Compedeum 1 and 2, still reading Rise of the Guv and soon to start Road to Woodbury. I will buy volume 17 and maybe any other GNs.

    Do you look at spoilers and the other forums like roamers and lurkers, spoil the dead or wet pain? Would you recommend it? Does it spoil the episode for you?

  2. Thanks again Elisa.

    Only two months that we have to wait for the second half… Feb. 10th., so it’s not too bad. I don’t know if you read any other comics, I only got into reading them a few years ago, but I would highly recommend Sandman by Neil Gaiman… great series. Here’s a review of did of this a while back…

    Unfortunately, I hate reading this review now because the series is simply Sandman, not The Sandman… but it may give you an idea.

    A beautiful book (graphic novel) called Habibi came out earlier this year and is a gorgeous story. Here the link for my review…

    I just realized the pic for that post is gone… may have to rectify that.

    As for spoilers… never. I don’t go on any forums. I figure I’m spoiled enough having read the books as many times as I have, I want to enjoy the show on it’s own merits. That said, I’ve popped onto Roamers & Lurkers solely because Gracie Lou is a moderator there and I dig on supporting our little TWD community any way I can.

    Finally… thanks for “liking” the page on Facebook. I realize I don’t have any links here on the site, need to do that.

  3. Wow so no spoilers for you? That would be terribly hard, but reading Rise of the Governor and just ordered Volume 17, maybe that will keep me happy.

    I can always reread the compendium. I finished the Road to Woodbury. Loved most of it except the ending which was okay but not really great. Not as easy to read as the comic.

    I do realize that the mid season finale and the shocker with T Dog and Lori killed were spoiled for me and therefore not as moving nor satisfying, so maybe I should stay away, but it will be hard. Also the show is less scary. ( I’m a big scaredy cat)

    I do enjoy roamers and lurkers and spoil the dead websites, because of the discussion. Let me see if I can stay away from the spoilers.

  4. I have plenty of problems with Road to Woodbury… but twice as many with Rise of the Governor. I’d love to hear what you think about that book when you finish it. There is a big element to Road to Woodbury that may have been quite confusing if you hadn’t read Rise yet… I’m curious what you made of it. (trying not to spoil for others… but someone has two different names… did you know what that was about?)

    I totally get how it’s less scary if you know what’s coming, which is exactly why I avoid them. I am a super horror fan, and because of that it’s more and more difficult to actually frighten me… I need all the help I can get 🙂

  5. I thought I was supposed to read Rise of the Guv Nah first. I know that Brian took Philip’s name at the end, which didn’t make sense. The sudden change wasn’t convincing.

    I liked reading about these guys, their pre ZA background and how they lived on the road.

    I fully believed the change of Phillip from type A bully to total psychotic, but not Brian. I also believed Nick too, from joe macho dude to bible quoting ZA nut.

    I liked that Woodbury was wild wild west initially as well.

    The ending was too abrupt and not believable or scary enough. The guy’s writing style was kinda dull too.

    Just started Road to Woodbury. I can’t believe there is a whole story on someone who had just a few panels in the comic, but I am desperate for anything TWD right now.

    I do like the whole rebuild of civilization, how everyone has post traumatic stress, and the randomness of survival in TWD.

    I am listening to another podcast that goes thru each TWD comic volume. Kinda juvenile, but I like reviewing what I read, letting it sink in, and making sure I don’t miss anything. It’s kinda hard to talk to anyone about the comic since I am behind :).

    Well I used to just watch the previews to lessen the scare, but now I want to read anything I can get my hands on. I think I am going to foresake the spoilers now. I need the full effect. I mean I read the comics, so nothing should shock me that much right?

  6. OK…that’s what I was getting at. It sounded like you read the second novel first… but yeah, that whole bit about Brian suddenly becoming Phillip just lost me completely. I was able to buy everything else, but not that. And yes, the author’s writing style irritated me in both books… an overabundance of adjectives.

    I haven’t heard of a podcast that goes over the comic… I think I would enjoy that. I’m always chomping at the bit to talk about the comic, honestly, more so than the show itself. How far are into the comic are you?

    As for not being shocked because of having read the comic… I’m constantly shocked thanks to how much they are deviating. I mean… Dale’s death alone shocked me, as did Sophia’s. Otis, Lori, T-Dog… didn’t see any of those coming, so that’s the sweet spot for me, whenever they move far enough from the comic to deliver a good surprise. Keeps it fresh for those of us who know too much for our own good… lol

    I have a similar problem with Game of Thrones. Because I’ve read the books I’m rarely surprised… but I totally enjoy seeing the novels come to life, same with TWD.

  7. The podcast is called The Walking Dead Podcast and if you go back in the archives they go over and recap the Comic volumes. I wish there was more intelligent commentary, but it’s better than nothing for me.

    I have read both compendium one and two, so I am up to issue 96? I just ordered volume 17 – woo hoo! The whole prison ending scenario was intense, shocking and took me off guard. Alexandria is interesting. The Rick in the comic is kind of an ass and makes a ton of mistakes. I like Carl, Michonne and Andrea. I have just touched the whole Saviors/Negan thing but really haven’t gotten into it. I hear he is another militant psycho. Reminds me of the Road warriors.

    Do you buy your comics online? digital? at stores? subscribe? So far I am just purchasing via Amazon.

    I really like the two alternate universes in TWD. The comic is definitely more bleak, brutal, and graphic but I still like the characters and themes. My favorite is still the TV show, but they do really complement each other.

    I don’t have HBO or Showtime, just Basic Cable. Can you recommend any other good TV Series?

  8. Im kind of a nut about podcasts. I listen to 4 TWD podcasts religiously and then that other one for the comic recaps.

    Of course the Walking Deadcast is the best with Karen and Jason. I listen to After Buzz TV because I need to know what others think or saw right after the show or rather next morning. I listen to Bald Move’s Watching Dead for the Spoiler Talk and becuz the guys are funny and somewhat critical. I listen to Sistah Speak TWD podcast because they are hilarious and have a different pov. Unfortunately it takes them awhile to release their pods.

  9. You are pretty much caught up with the comics… only 8 months behind, not bad. Yeah, the Negen/Saviors storyline is fantastic, really loving it. A new villain was desperately needed IMO, and Negen is perfect.

    I purchase the individual issues via Comixology and read them either on my iPhone if I’m itching to read it immediately (which is always), then go home and read it on the iPad. Then, every October I buy the hardback annual collections. I like that they are bound nicely with the covers and some extras, great size… I find the compendiums to be difficult to lug around, and they look awesome on my bookshelf 🙂

    I listen to a lot of different podcasts throughout the week (I’ve reviewed a few under the heading of “what’s in my hear hole today”), The Walking Dead’Cast is the only TWD podcast I listen to… I like other pop culture podcasts, a few NPR casts, WTF with Marc Maron may be my fave overall, plus We’re Alive, and some other random ones. I tried some of the other TWD podcasts early on, but found them to be generally dull or overly juvenile… J&K strike the perfect balance for me… a bit goofy but educated and articulate at the same time. I like to think I could be described similarly 🙂

  10. As for the Comic vs. Show… I want to take my time with this one. There were so many things to discuss and no rush since there are no new episodes this week. I have a few other posts I’m working on at the moment and the job that actually pays my bills is keeping me a bit busy. Priorities.

    Other shows? My TV viewing plummeted once my kids started getting a little older, so I only dedicate myself to a few throughout the year. TWD, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Girls, New Girl… those are the only ones that I would say I was an actual fan of. I do happen to love some of my kid’s shows… Adventure Time is great… but my absolute favorite of their cartoons is Regular Show… which is hardly for kids.

  11. After I read Road to Woodbury and Volume 17, I’ll try Comixology and read on my iphone too and then buy the annual volumes. Great idea Thanks!

    I love Spanish Football aka Soccer, so I listen to a lot of podcasts related to that too.

    Did we ever find out about Davidson from Alexandria? Whatever happened to him?

  12. Yes… you find out more about Davidson… should be in the second compendium. Douglas tells Rick all about Davidson after Rick freaks out and attacks Pete.

    I first heard about We’re Alive from The Walking Dead’Cast… J & K interviewed KC Wayland, the creator of We’re Alive. It’s a good interview… Episode #31, give it a listen before you listen to We’re Alive.

  13. Okay will do thanks, gotta go into the archives :o).

    So what did you think of Rise of the Governor and Road to Woodbury (nearly done). Do you like the backstory novels? Did you enjoy Rise? I heard another one might be coming out (trilogy).

    Oh right forgot about the whole Davidson reveal. Do you really think he is dead? I mean Douglas said he banished him, right?

    Do you like David Morrissey as the Governor? I personally like a multi-dimensional villain.

  14. I finished the Road to Woodbury, not bad. I actually enjoyed it more than Rise of the Governor. I liked how when it first became a town, it was like the Wild, Wild West. I was kinda shocked that Martinez would go against the Guv and side with Lily at the end. But maybe he had the hots for her. The ending was a little abrupt, but all in all not bad. The Guv is really quite the sicko in the comic.

  15. Very cool… glad you are enjoying We’re Alive. I am particularly fond of the first two seasons… they just aired their third season finale, but I can’t say season 3 did it for me the way the first two did. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on season 3.

    I agree, I enjoyed Road to Woodbury much more than Rise of the Governor. I certainly preferred everything that happened before Woodbury… I like having stories that have nothing to do with our existing knowledge. Everything after arriving at Woodbury felt like setting up for more Gov… I wanted more Lilly and her man (RIP).

  16. I’m still in season 2, chapter 21 to be exact on We’re Alive. So far so good.

    I just finished TWD comic volume 17, so sad what happened to Glen and very sick. I am really starting to hate Rick aka Mr Know-it-all or at least that’s what he thinks. I really did enjoy when he talked to Michonne and she mentioned her guilt over the Guv nah and she thought her actions created his wild attack on the prison. Time to read 103, 104, and 105 :-).

    I haven’t listened to the latest Deadcast interviews, maybe after I am done with We’re Alive. I also downloaded some of their other summer break pods.

  17. The Deadcast interviews have been fantastic… I am especially fond of the Danai Gurira interview and the Glen Mazzara interview, Jason does a wonderful job of knowing when to just be quiet and let the interviewee talk away, and the Mazzara interview goes into some dark territory. Plus, I happen to know of a new one coming soon which should be good… look for something later this week.

    I can understand hating Rick at this point… I think I will always be sympathetic, even when he is making wrong decisions, but I think being in that position of leadership for so long, and oftentimes being in impossible positions, takes it’s toll on people. There was nothing her could do about Glenn… it was either him or someone else, and there is no way Rick would have offered up himself or Carl… no human would.

    That Comic vs. Show post is coming… I have a few movie reviews to write and must finish up a couple other posts sitting around for me to either finish or scrap. It’s coming…

  18. I listened all the way to the season 3 finale for We’re Alive. The 3rd season did start off slower probably due to less zombies, split teams, bleaker, a little more predictability and story dragged.

    I really did like the finale and finally a positive or relatively happy ending, though probably temporary.

    That said, the military base was a bit of a snooze. I wasn’t as interested in Saul’s search for his girlfriend either.

    I do like the fact that it seems like they might explain or leave clues as to the origins of the ZA. I liked the fact that no sanctuary is permanent and now they need to go all guns blazing to try and beat the zombies or at least ground zero LA.

    But I do agree, season 1 and 2 were so much better.

    Of course I will still keep listening. Have you tried any other audio dramas? The Leviathan Chronciles? Any recommendations? I’m hooked 🙂

  19. Honestly I like Rick in the TV show better than the comic. I know he couldn’t do anything about Glen, but he keeps hiding things from his core group and playing mind games. He trusts this Jesus more than Michonne and Andrea, really? He should leave his mind games for the enemies, but hey everyone is mentally unstable in a ZA world.

    Really sad about Abraham too, they are extremely low on the ace gunners/bad asses.

    The one thing I do like is that everything pretty much makes sense in the comic. I really like Andrea and Michonne in the comic, so much more than the TV show. I wish they could do something about that.

  20. I had the same feelings about season 3 of We’re Alive… but the finale made me hopeful for the final season.

    Funny, until this season, I was having a hard time seeing Andrew Lincoln as Rick. After his breakdown with Carl after Lori’s death, I’m on board. I don’t see the comic Rick as being a Mr. Know It All so much as someone who makes some good decisions, some bad. I think the whole Sophia being lost at the beginning of season 2 was a bit of a nod to that. I don’t see what he’s doing as playing mind games, I think he is trying to protect everyone. I’m not 100% sure, I don’t have my comics near me at the moment, but his explanation may come in the issues you haven’t read yet. I get it… and something happens that will erase all of this discussion… keep reading 🙂

    Andrea is actually my favorite character in the books, so seeing what’s been done to her character in the show bums me out… and Michonne, I think we will see her blossoming as the show continues (listen to the Danai Gurira interview, Jason asks her about this). I have great hope for her.

  21. I finally got caught up on the comics too. I really love Carl. I hope he doesn’t get killed hanging out or rather as Negan’s stowaway. Eww Andrea likes Rick now, really?? Oh well sigh.

    Negan’s character and kingdom make perfect sense in a ZA world. That said, so frickin brutal and violent.

    I’m loving the twists and turns of the comic. I guess I have to get used to waiting now for both TWD Comic and We’re Alive.

    I don’t really know if Rick can keep everyone safe, but it is interesting to see him try, that’s for sure.

    Nice write up on the Hobbit.

  22. It has become very brutal in the last six months of the comic. Negen is becoming a favorite of mine… not because of admiration or pleasure in his horrible ways, but because he is a great new villain… and since the Gov, we haven’t had any great villains. With issue #105 we get more into his character and his nuances… I love where they are going with the story… and I can’t wait to see what Rick does. As for Rick and Andrea… makes sense. I like it 🙂

    Thanks… with regards to my The Hobbit post. I could have gone on and on about this one. As I was watching the movie I had all sorts of different lines I wanted to write (that’s the only thing I hate about writing these reviews… I tend to think about what I’m going to write while watching it and forget what I wanted to say by the time the movie is over), but in the end, it was watching it with my daughter that made it extra special for me.

  23. Honestly I always wondered why Andrea and Rick never got together earlier, but now I think she is too good for him. 😛 I honestly thought maybe Michonne and Rick would be better now, they get each other. 😀

    Negen is a great villain but still really disgusts me. I cringe to think that he is trying to bring Carl under his wing. He is so damn sadistic. That said great storytelling.

    Next on my list is to read the michonne background comic or piece. Desperately staying away from spoilers now. 🙂

  24. I need to look for this Michonne backstory… is that the Playboy material? I’ve read that… but wasn’t really satisfied. I feel there may be something more… I’ll dig into that.

    I agree, Negen is a monster… but that’s what we need, a foil for Rick to show that, although Rick is somewhat of a monster himself, he is still nothing compared to that guy. The book needed someone like him… I couldn’t be more happy, in a disturbed and upset sort of way.

    Rick and Michonne? I couldn’t see that… I prefer Andrea to Jesse, so I’m happy. Jesse was too subservient and meek for Rick… not his style.

    Plus… I just posted the comic vs. show post for Made to Suffer. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  25. Yeah it probably was the Playboy stuff and very rough and generalized. Did not satisfy at all. I mean from lawyer to bad ass just becuz she found her psycho teenage neighbors swords? Didn’t even mention fencing or anything. sigh. Maybe one of the two additional novels I hear rumored, may focus on Michonne more. I read this on youtube. There is this guy who records with music all the comics.

    Negen and his clan have their shit together, but most monsters/tyrants don’t last forever. I was kinda impressed with his setup but not his methods or mindset.

    Rick and Jesse was like huh? Jesse was worse than Lori. Why not Michonne? I honestly would like to see her take over as leader too.

    Yay, jumping over to the comic v show post now. 😉

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