Comic vs. Show: The Walking Dead, S3E7: When the Dead Come Knocking

Strike Force Delta

Spoilers… blah, blah… comic… blah, blah… warning… blah, blah, blahg.  You know the routine, if you haven’t read the comic, don’t read this… blah, blah…

This week’s episode has very little to compare in terms of events in the show mirroring any events in the comic.  Although there were a couple of moments reflected in the episode, the person’s involved were either changed, or the circumstances altered in one way or another.  I suppose the best way to look at it would be to think of particular scenes and themes that are present…

Michonne’s arrival at the prison is certainly significant in both the show and the comic, but is dealt with in a completely different fashion.  In this episode, she is standing there with a gun shot wound holding a basket of baby formula.  Carl has to save her and once into the prison she is treated quite poorly and with a good dollop of distrust.  In the comic, she saved Otis’ life (Shane… you bastard) as the whole “Dexter” situation unfolds inside the gates and is welcomed in as someone who helped out.  It was here were Rick tells her she can’t bring in her pets and she subsequently decapitates them, but Rick does take her sword and tells her she will have to be locked up at night.  She completely understands and acquiesces, unlike the rather hostile way they both, Michonne and Rick, treat one another initially.

Chronologically, this is also where there is difficulty in sussing out similarities.  In the comic, it is Rick, Glenn, and Michonne who go searching for the downed copter and get taken by The Governor and held prisoner in Woodbury.  Rick loses his hand, Michonne gets brutally beaten and raped, and Glenn has nothing done to him… plus, Woodbury has no clue about the prison’s whereabouts and only find out about the prison based on the riot gear and orange jumpsuits being worn by Rick and Glenn.  The show has this completely turned around (note:  not in a bad way, I love the direction they are going in).  The only actually parallel here is that now Glenn is being beaten, and there was the fear that Maggie was going to get the rape treatment from The Gov.  Similar, but very different dynamics at play.

Rape vs. Rape

(I’m getting these side by side images from Google and specifically a site called  They seem to be doing a similar thing comparing the books to the show… credit where credit is due)

Milton doesn’t exist in the comics, and Andrea never went to Woodbury, and there certainly have never been any hermits in a cabin in the books… so much of this episode was created elsewhere… the only other element that has some sort of similarity would be Strike Force Delta mirroring that original group of Rick, Michonne, and Glenn… only this time they have a rescue mission in mind, but nothing to do with the helicopter.  Rick, Michonne, Oscar, and Daryl make up our crack team… two that were in that original group, two who don’t exist in the books at all.

Although The Governor made reference to bringing in Glenn’s hand to Maggie, there was very little else to base a comparison on this week.  As I’ve said before, I’m not a stickler for keeping the show close to the source material… I’m good with changes, and frankly, these changes all make sense and make for better drama on the screen.  I do my best to remember the notion that different media can accomplish different goals, and one media doesn’t necessarily translate directly to the other… it’s difficult to get a good scare on the printed page, all you have to do is see the image and the fear factor is eliminated… with television, there are all sorts of opportunities to frighten the bejesus out of someone.  Different beasts altogether.  So I welcome the changes and look forward to what will be delivered this week for the mid-season finale… plus, we may get a chance to meet this guy:


That’s right… Tyreese should be showing up this week, and I can’t wait.  He has always been a fave of mine and I felt the show has suffered in it’s lack of Tyreese.

On that note… see you all next week for more of The Walking Dead!

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