Are you a first time voter? Lena Dunham has a message for you…

Lena Dunham

Is this your first election?  Are you nervous about how it’s going to go and what people will think of you when you cast that first ballot?  Don’t be… it’s a wonderful and natural thing for a young person to do.  To help make this point, Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls talks frankly and honestly about what it’s like your first time… voting.  Now… the message itself is great… but what makes this ad so much better is how full of vitriolic rage the right has become over the tone and message of this ad.  Heaven forbid… a woman alluding to sex with double entendres and humor… she needs to learn her place!  Personally… I love it… and her new hair style.

So without further ado… a message brought to you by the Obama campaign and Lena Dunham… and remember, vote November 6th!

Don’t worry… it won’t hurt at all,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

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