When Samuel L. Jackson tells you to “Wake the F**k Up”… I suggest waking the f**k up

Bad Ass Mother Fucker

Adam Mansbach hit gold a little while ago with his wonderfully profane children’s book, Go the Fuck to Sleep.  That gold turned platinum when Samuel L. Jackson gave the greatest reading of all time when he lent his authoritative voice to the book… because let’s face it, no man can say “fuck” like Samuel L. Jackson.  Surely lightning can’t strike twice… or can it?

Mansbach and Jackson are back… and this time they have a political message for all of you who were behind Obama in 2008 but have apparently taken a bit of a snooze this election cycle… and that message is simple, Wake the Fuck Up!

My apologies for all of the political posts recently, but honestly, this is a major election with some very serious consequences.  If you have your doubts about how serious this election is, or if you have been sitting on the fence wondering who you were going to vote for, you need to see this video and have the very real implications of this election explained to you by none other than Mr. Jackson himself.

This video is very NSFW… and rest assured, I will return to my movie, book and game reviews soon enough… but in the meantime… get involved, get informed, and make sure you get your ass off the couch and vote November 6th!

Way the fuck awake,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

Edit: Unfortunately, the first embedded video clip was censored… this one is the correct foul mouthed version that I prefer. Enjoy… and wake the fuck up!

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