An open letter to AC/DC

AC fucking DC

Dear AC/DC,

Lately I have been jonesing to hear some of your music while in the car and/or at work.  Unfortunately, you refuse to release your music digitally because you believe your music should only be heard in album format as opposed to cherry picked single by single.  You also refuse to release a best-of album for what I can only assume to be the same reasons.

I get it… you have integrity… that’s fantastic.  What you don’t seem to get though is that this is 2012 and quite frankly, it’s not easy to come by physical CDs anymore (did you have the same gripe when CDs came out?).  I did manage to head over to Best Buy today and pick up a copy of Back in Black… but they didn’t have Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and I would have purchased that as well.  Instead, I only bought one album.  If your music were available on iTunes or Amazon downloads, I would have gleefully purchased far more than I did today… even the lack of one physical CD prevented me from giving you more of my money.

What I’m getting at is this… stop fucking around… get your music into the twenty first century and stop dicking over the people who want to listen to your hard rocking badass three chord anthems to 13 year old boys with overactive hormones and just-dropped testicles!

Although I couldn’t enjoy Dirty Deeds in my car today, you can at least enjoy this video…

That is all,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

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