Coming Soon: Lincoln (November 16, 2012) & The To Do List (February 14, 2013)

Daniel Day-Lewis as #16

Normally I make a point of having separate posts for individual upcoming films… but how could I possibly not combine a serious Spielberg film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and a tawdry sex comedy starring the lovingly acerbic Aubrey Plaza.  Like peanut butter and jelly… they go together so well.


All japing aside, Lincoln looks to be the best film about our assassinated 16th president since John Ford’s 1939 (greatest year for film?) classic Young Mr. Lincoln starring Henry Ford.  Focusing on the period immediately following the Civil War, Lincoln examines the bitter fights within his cabinet and his country with regards to ending slavery and how to deal with the now decimated south.

The cast for this film is ridiculously filled to the brim with some of the greatest actors and performers of our, or any, time… Daniel Day-Lewis, Joeseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, John Hawkes, David Strathairn, and many more.  Granted, we have seen many bad movies come out of incredible pedigrees… but add Steven Spielberg into the mix and chances are good that we could have an instant classic on our hands… or another Amistad.  We will find out soon enough.

The To Do List

The To Do List

I have little to say about this film that the trailer doesn’t already say… I like stupid comedies… and I like them more when they revolve around young people fumbling around with their sexual lives.  Mix that together with some genuinely funny people… Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Donald Glover, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Andy Samberg among many others… and I can’t help but look forward to this.  It looks raunchy, dirty, and filth ridden in all the best ways.

Enjoy the trailer below, but be forewarned… this is the red band trailer and it is immediately offensive for those who are prudish and uptight when it comes to the various jobs employed in a sexual way… such as hand, blow, and rim.  Also, very NSFW.  With this trailer you cannot even rely on turning down the sound… even the visuals are a bit risque.

Four score and seven blow jobs ago,
Cornelius J. Blahg 

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