Greetings from the zombie apocalypse!

Take a bite out of someone you love

Have you heard the news lately?  It seems to be the start of a zombie apocalypse out there.  First we had the Florida face eater high on bath salts, then we had some other wacky heart/brain eater somewhere else… what else will pop up?

Although I’ve been intrigued by what has been happening in the world of undead gastronomy, that has been a minor blip on my radar of life lately, and I thought I would take a moment to catch all of you up on what I’ve been up to as well as shake some rust from my fingers and brain.

So what has been happening?  Not much really… just spending time with my kids, playing way too much Mass Effect (I played through ME3, replayed ME2, and am currently replaying ME3 yet again… review to come soon), riding my bike, doing dishes, NOT seeing many movies at the theater, catching up on some Blu-rays that I hadn’t watched yet (filled in another pop culture blind spot by finally watching The Road Warrior), drinking a great deal of good and mediocre red wine, working, and enjoying the recent good turn in the weather.

I took a week of in the middle of May.  I was hoping to get some writing done, I was hoping to straighten out my back yard, I was hoping to get out onto some trails and do some hiking… but alas, Mrs. Blahg was out of town for work during the first few days of my vacation and the kids were in school, so I only had a handful of hours each day to myself (which I hadn’t actually had that much time for myself in almost ten years… seriously).  Did I use those hours to the best of my ability?  Not really.  What I did during the first two days was clean my sty (house).  I took an odd week off… Thursday through Wednesday, therefore, the first two days were the end of the week, Mrs. Blahg came home late Saturday and was somewhat useless until Sunday, at which point I felt my time was being intruded on.  By Monday, I was glued in my seat for the next three days replaying ME2.  Did I squander my days?  Perhaps… but they were all done on my terms, which is a victory in my mind.

After that vacation, I was back to work… and work bitch slapped me the moment I walked into the door.  Writing has not been easy to come by.  That said… I am very excited for a number of things coming up… and a number of things that have occurred…


Game of Thrones just finished it’s second season… and it was incredible.  They managed to take a difficult book and turn it into an incredible 10+ hours of television.  Review will come soon.

Girls… took a few hits after it first aired and has steadily become one of the most original and interesting show I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.  Although I have my gripes with aspects of the show, it is growing on me in an interesting way.  I will explore more of this show soon.


Since The Avengers, I have had almost zero interest in anything that has come out since.  Dark Shadows?  Couldn’t be bothered.  Men in Black 3?  Meh.  Snow White and the Huntsman?  Bad reviews have steered me away. 

Last week, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom was released and I must get into a theater seat for this film.  Unfortunately it is only playing in two theaters in San Francisco and that becomes an issue for me during the week… perhaps I can carve out a few hours soon to see what I am certain will be the best film of the summer (for me at least… and at least until this coming weekend).

Friday will be the opening of Prometheus.  I could not be more excited.  A prequel to Alien… directed by Ridley Scott… what’s not to love?  Chances are very good that I will be posting two new reviews next weekend… stay tuned.

That’s about all I have for the moment.  I will be returning soon to my regularly scheduled nonsense, which means I will be writing more crap at indeterminate times.  My kids are in the midst of their last week of school (the end of first and fourth grades), which means life will take on a much sunnier hue with chlorine bleached hair and tanned little ragamuffins. 

Yesterday my seven year old ended her day of skipping with a faceplant into the sidewalk and some scrapes and cuts for me to kiss and make better… ah, summer is here.

And the living is easy,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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