Live chat tomorrow on The Walking Deadcast…

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Join me tomorrow for a live chat with Jason and Karen of The Walking Deadcast at ~2:45 PM PST. We will be talking about Game of Thrones and the first three episodes of the second season… and I’m sure we will squeeze in some Walking Dead chat as well.

I’m thrilled and honored to have been invited to sit down with two of my favorite podcasters and would love it if some of my readers could join in live… listen in on the podcast before Jason has the unenviable task of editing out my ummm’s and ermmm’s… and while you are at it, make sure you check out all of the great material on and find out why; A) The Walking Dead is so awesome… B) this is one of the best podcasts out there… and, C) Game of Thrones is a TV show you should be watching.

The topic of our “Top 5” tomorrow will be, “Top 5 adaptations from book to film/TV”. You can still call into The Walking Deadcast’s phone-line to leave your top 5 or send Jason an email. All details can be found here

Hope to hear from you tomorrow…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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