@MrBlahg Winner

Zombie Mazzara

No… I have no delusions of grandeur… nor do I believe myself to be Charlie Sheen… I simply won a trivia contest and am currently floating on cloud 9.Last week, Glen Mazzara (shown in pic above in his zombified form as drawn by a Brazillian fan on Twitter), the show runner for The Walking Dead, had an impromptu trivia contest on Twitter… he asked a question, the first person to correctly answer it won a signed script from any episode in season 2. Today, he asked five questions… and had five winners… I was one of those lucky geeks.

I don’t have a history of winning anything… although, I won season tickets to Los Angeles’ tennis team in a raffle once… I didn’t even know L.A. had an official tennis team… but other than that, I don’t win. After winning the script today I went out and bought $5 of lottery tickets… who knows, maybe this is my lucky day.

The question I correctly answered was: “What was the final fate of the RV?” The winning answer… burned… followed by, “@MrBlahg Winner”. Six letters that helped turn a grumpy day into a giddy one. Thank you Mr. Mazzara.

Requiem for a Winnebago,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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