The 2012 Academy Awards

Emma Stone and Ben Stiller

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding this year’s Oscars, I wasn’t very excited.  I felt little to no investment in any of the front runners, and any film I did feel some sort of investment in was either snubbed or simply nominated (I know, it’s an honor to just be nominated… but let’s face it, we remember the winners and bemoan the Academy’s crappy record for picking bad Best Pictures in hindsight).  However, I did watch the Academy Awards from beginning to end and, as is often the case, I have a few things to say…

Of my eight predictions, I correctly named six winners.  I take no pride in this because none of these predictions were actually mine.  This was a case of swimming along with the other salmon.  Of the two I got wrong, I am bummed about cinematography.  I was rooting for The Tree of Life to win something, and I thought this was a no-brainer.  Hugo won… and deservedly.  It is a beautifully shot film and I can’t begrudge that win.  The other was Meryl Streep’s win over Viola Davis.  I don’t begrudge her this win either as I mentioned before… she has been nominated 17 times and has only won, now, three.  The last came 30 years ago… she deserves every accolade showered upon her at almost any time.

The show itself was a bit bland.  Billy Crystal was serviceable, but of another time.  His jokes felt a bit dated, the Cirque piece was lovely… but I’m not big on production numbers, the “in memoriam” segment was tasteful, and I appreciated the speediness of the proceedings… but there seemed to be a lack of grandeur.  I assume that had something to do with everyone’s “meh” feeling this year.

Someone needs to intervene and feed Angelina Jolie.  A cheeseburger or a pizza seems very much in order here.  I’m all for thin, but her arms were frighteningly skinny.

Emma Stone is a national treasure.  Not only is she adorable… but she is funny and can actually rock a red dress whilst being a redhead… and she mocked Ben Stiller a bit.  I love that young woman.

My two favorite acceptance speeches… Octavia Spencer for being genuine… Meryl Streep for understanding how people feel about her winning.  Both were graceful and chock full of humility, and for that I must applaud.

I don’t like the way the presenters for best acting have to address each nominee as though they were buddies.  It feels forced and awkward and tends to not just bore me, but make me a bit uncomfortable… except for Colin Firth talking to Meryl Streep… that shit was funny.

I don’t think there was a single joke about the Oscars being long… and it only ran 8 minutes over.  Bravo.

What would a Brett Ratner/Eddie Murphy Academy Awards have looked like?  I must admit, I am curious.  What Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal gave us was a very traditional awards show… celebrating itself.  Yawn.  It was nice, but nothing to get excited over.  When the biggest upset of the evening is Meryl Streep winning an award, you know that there were no surprises.

Hopefully 2012 will give us something to get excited about next year… what will be the big Oscar movie of the year? 

At least half of Flight of the Conchords has now won an Academy Award… what do you have planned Jemaine?

At least I didn’t miss The Walking Dead,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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