Stupid is as Stupid Rants

Last week I did something that I had never done before… I “unfriended” someone on Facebook for political reasons.  I imagine for most people, the initial reaction you may have is, “so?”  Fair enough… but I have always prided myself on being open to any and all opinions whether I agree with them or not.  What was it that so incensed me that I had to cut ties with someone?  Allow me to explain…

The person in question is someone I spent a great deal of time with in elementary school watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings laser discs back in the early 80’s.  This is not someone that I had stayed in contact with, nor did I really care to… but in the age of Facebook, the definition of “friend” is stretched.  When he first popped up on my radar, he contacted me through his wife’s account (why he didn’t just open his own is another question… but whatever).  Within a couple of weeks I had to hide his wife’s posts because of their moronic right wing slant… but I didn’t delete her… wanting to keep the door open… blah blah blah.

Eventually, he opened his own page and we chatted again briefly about old times… nothing political.  Then his posts kicked in.  I can deal with the quasi-intellectual rants against the president… I can deal with different opinions about what is troubling our economy… I can tolerate love letters to Ayn Rand, even if I do throw up in my mouth when reading it… I can even tolerate someone calling my old hometown a ghetto… so what made me snap?

I will not tolerate anti-gay slurs… I will not tolerate bemoaning how our education system is controlled by “leftists” (certainly not from someone with little education, who has the balls to argue with someone that truly intelligent people don’t need formal education plus having no children of their own)… I can’t stomach someone whining about how “true Christians” knew the country is screwed and how bad it is for “Christians” in modern America… and I will not be associated with anyone claiming that the anti-Christ is among us and we should save up our water and ammo.  Honestly, I was aghast that anyone would not feel shame for posting such an ugly, bigoted, ignorant screed… and doubly shocked that this individual was on my “Friend List”.

Still… I didn’t immediately delete this person.  I fretted over it.  I found the idea of “unfriending” someone over politics to be as base and shallow as it could get… but I couldn’t let it go. 

Then I spoke with Mrs. Blahg.  After reading his diatribe of stupid aloud… and once I got to the anti-gay crap, she stopped me and said, “You can’t have this guy on your list!  What will happen when the gay dictatorship comes along and associates you with this right wing whack-job?  Straight to the ovens for you!”

“But I have so much wonderful liberalism and open-mindedness in writing already”, I responded.  “I’m sure the gay dictatorship will understand.  I’m sure I could get character references.”

“No… you will be cooked in the ovens along with that weirdo!  Get rid of him!”

When I was finished laughing my ass off, I deleted this person from my list, and effectively from my life.  It really wasn’t very hard to do, but I must admit… I feel a little less tolerant, and maybe a little more like that idiot. 

Alas, tolerance has its limits.

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Cornelius J. Blahg

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