A Special Message from Cornelius J. Blahg

Good day (or evening, depending on when you are reading this) my loyal and wonderful readers… I thought I should drop a brief note regarding my apparent disappearance (once again) from the blog.  Previously when I had not posted anything for a while the reason was usually quite muddied with a lack of desire or will to write anything or a general disappointment with pop culture or politics (or humanity).  This time around, that is not the case.  This time… I have been either preoccupied or have found myself with a touch of the old fashioned writers block… or in at least one case, apathy.

So… allow me to mention a number of things that I have wanted to post, and may or may not be posting in the future…

Movies of the Week

October was meant to be my “big horror film movie of the week extravaganza month” where I outline my fave horror films for all of you to enjoy throughout what is clearly the second scariest month of the year (April being the most frightening… ugh, taxes).  I started strong with Insidious… then I dropped off the planet… or rather, the blog.  The following week, I actually wrote a Movie of the Week… The Thing (1982), in celebration of the release this month of its prequel, The Thing (2011).  I wrote it, then for reasons unknown to myself or the universe, I did not post it.  I am not sure which films would have rounded out the month… but they would have been scary.  Seriously.

Movie Reviews

I saw one movie this month.  That film was the aforementioned, The Thing (2011).  I liked it… it was flawed, but I enjoyed it greatly.  It had Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton (Uncle Owen from the Star Wars prequels) and a great group of actual Norwegians playing Norwegians.  It was a perfect set up for the action that comes immediately in the form of a superior movie called The Thing (1982).  I will eventually write the review… soon I hope.

Music Reviews

I received a great email a couple of days ago.  A young two man “dream folk” (their words, not mine) group from Florida sent me a solicitation for a review thanks to my review of Feist’s latest album, Metals.  I am honored to do so, and I gave their EP a listen (I’ll post a link when I do in fact review their album).  It was quite good.  The duo in question is known as And the Giraffe… more on them to follow.

The Bookshelf

OK… here is where I found myself stuck and have been looking at half a review for a couple of weeks now.  I have read two books recently and have adored both of them… but the one that has me stuck is Craig Thompson’s HabibiHabibi may be one of the most beautiful and heart wrenching and warming graphic novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  I’m stuck because my words cannot do this work of fiction justice.  I want to write a review worthy of this book.  Quick synopsis… it’s a love story between a harem girl and a slave boy in a fairytale version of the middle east borrowing heavily from Arabian Nights and infusing the tale with images and ideals from both the Koran and the bible.  Stupendous art, amazing story.

The second book is a much less ambitious work, but a great deal of fun for fans of The Walking Dead… at least the comic series.  The novel is Robert Kirkman’s first novel (he co-authored it with Jay Bonansinga), The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor, and tells the story of how The Governor (a villain introduced in the comics in its third year… who in turn won Villain of the Year) came to become the badass bad guy that he is.  A different take on a familiar subject and a very welcome addition into the world Kirkman has created.  Also, considering that it is the first in what will become a series of novels exploring other avenues in this particular world, it got me excited for more.  Reviews to come for both of these novels…

The TV Box

I’m still watching Terra Nova… but I’m not sure for how much longer.

New Girl is currently MIA due to baseball or some other such sporting activity that men seem to favor in stead of spending time with their families…

The Walking Dead began its second season… and thus far, it’s fucking awesome!  I’m loving where the show is going and I’m very much digging having this favorite show back on the air.  Also, I must recommend listening to The Walking Deadcast with Jason and Karen.  Great podcast, and they are now recording live at 5:00PM (PST) on Mondays following each Sunday episode.  Listen in on the podcast live and chat with them as well… I am at work when they begin recording (I can listen live on the iPhone through MixIr), I race home during the middle of it… and manage to get online and chat for the final two minutes.  So, if you want to hear a live podcast AND chat with me and others… go to walkingdeadcast.com/live Mondays at 5:00PM (PST).

Game Reviews

This may be the most guilty party in my problem of posting… I got that damned Playstation 3 and have been sucked into the vortex of time-suck that is modern gaming.  I played Dead Island to completion… loved it!  Began playing again as a different character, but switched gears and have now been playing Red Dead Redemption.  Holy mother of digital Jesus… that is the greatest game I have ever seen!  I’m only ~12% of the way through it at this point, but I am loving each and every minute.  And since RDR is a western, and has no zombies (I’m not playing RDR: Undead Nightmare yet), my kids can watch me play and cheer me on and help me make those incredible moral decisions the game makes you choose.  I’m playing my character in a very moral and noble way… for now.  I look forward to review this one… plus, the kids name my horses.


I fully support the Occupy Wall Street protests and other cities joining in.  I fully denounce the media’s lack of documentation of this movement and current police actions in Oakland, New York and other cities worldwide.  We have a right to protest peaceably and a right to demand justice for the crimes committed against the nations economy and people due to the overwhelming greed of what is know becoming known as the 1%.  This is not a Kleptocracy… this is not a Plutocracy… this is meant to be a Democracy… sadly, it is becoming a Corporatocracy and the Supreme Court is guilty of undermining the very fabric of our society and the pillars on which we are built (I’m referring to the Citizen’s United case).  Capitalism is not the problem, humans are.

So… that’s where things are for me right now and I hope to resume my regular blogging.  Perhaps this bit of logorrhea will help me get over whatever this hump happens to be.  Writer’s block, apathy, boredom, difficulty with being content and happy, too many hours spent playing games, yard work, kid’s crap, groceries and dinners… aka, actual life interjecting into my internet life.  I can’t consider that a bad thing when I think of it like that.  But I miss you… I miss the writing, I miss thinking about the next post, I miss sharing and having my opinions out there in the world.  And on that note… I will bid you adieu, and will be writing something soon…

Thanks for bearing with me,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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