Gorillaz turns 10 and celebrates with a Singles Collection

Gorillaz Singles Collection 2001 - 2012

Yes, the self declared “most successful virtual band in the world EVER ™”, Gorillaz, is turning 10 this year… and to celebrate, they are going to release their first singles collection November 28th.  If you visit their website, you can play around with a great scrolling page where you can unlock little video clips and artworks, because lets face it… this is a band that is very invested in art.  From there you can also pre-order the album and goof off throughout the entire site.

They have also given us the track listing (below)… it will definitely be a great album for a casual fan, but will offer very little for anyone with their three major albums beyond one extra single, Doncamatic, and two new remixes.

  1. Tomorrow Comes Today
  2. Clint Eastwood (Original)
  3. 19-2000 (Original)
  4. Rock The House
  5. Feel Good Inc
  6. DARE
  7. Dirty Harry
  8. Kids With Guns
  9. El Mañana
  10. Stylo
  11. Superfast Jellyfish
  12. On Melancholy Hill
  13. Doncamatic
  14. Clint Eastwood (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix)
  15. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

What the Singles Collection will offer, if I understand it correctly, are a number of videos… perhaps there is a little something for everyone.  The exclusion of Hong Kong, however, mystifies me.  Such a beautiful song… and if you haven’t heard it, listen to it at the bottom of this post, a live performance of Demon Days in Harlem… great DVD.

Break out the champagne and give a toast to 10 years from my favorite animated band… and to Damon Albarn, the man responsible for some incredible music and a seemingly endless creative spark… did you know he wrote an opera?

Happy Birthday… and congrats,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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