The TV Box: The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Lady? Gaga

Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I actually gave a crap about the VMA’s, if I ever did… and I can’t recall the reason I started watching them last night… but I did.  By the end I had a few questions… who were these people?… when did I get so out of touch that I couldn’t recognize 50% of the artists performing?… and, why do I dislike it so?

Much was made about MTV doing away with the award show host… but I missed having someone there to lead the ceremony.  I felt as though there were no through lines… nothing binding the evening together other than Lady Gaga’s drag routine which was humorous at first then became grating as the performance never ended… and uncomfortable hearing her talk about touching her/himself whilst looking at Britney Spears posters… was that her or him talking?  Ultimately, I found the show boring.

Were there some good performances?  I suppose.  I’m a rock fan, so I was happy to see Foo Fighters.  I don’t know who this Young the Giant is, but I found their performance to be the highlight of the show.  Actual guitars… amps… a singer getting into the show and stage diving… drums!!  Real f-ing drums!  I don’t care much for R&B or rap, so much of the show was a bit lost to me.  Yes, lovely, Beyonce and Jay-Z will now have a baby… what will the last name be?  Z?  Dancing people to celebrate Britney Spears… OK.  Adele was lovely.  Then a bunch of people I had no clue about.  Who is Jessie J. and why was she sitting down with a cast on her leg? (I realize I answer my own question there, I’m just curious what happened)

I’m trying to rack my brain to think of anything else I enjoyed, but all I can think of is how thick and plastic Demi Lovato appears… how pretentious and annoying Justin Beiber seems to be… how ridiculous it was to have the female cast of Jersey Shore on stage with Cloris Leachman… and how much of the music I couldn’t stand.  Also, who is Pitbull and why could I not stop thinking that it was Charlotte’s husband in Sex and the City on stage?

I think it is safe to say I am no longer MTV’s key demographic.  It’s probably safer to say… I’m getting old.

Get off my lawn, you damn kids!!
Cornelius J. Blahg

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