Is it a birthday or an anniversary? Either way… today, it’s my 1st.!!

Mr. Blahg

After weeks of internal debate, on this day last year, I secured the domain name of and Cornelius J. Blahg was born.  By most people’s metrics, beginning a blog is really no big deal… but for me, it felt like something larger than “hey look at my life and here are some pictures of my kids”… that was what I use Facebook for.  I had something slightly different in mind for Mr. Blahg…

My original hope for Mr. Blahg would be a place for me to freely share my opinions regarding politics, pop culture, parenting, etc., and to get a dialogue going in this big ol’ internet.  As the year progressed, I was able to begin seeing which topics worked better than others and track how many people were visiting the site on a daily basis and look at monthly averages for both visits and page impressions (how many pages a person would read per visit).  At times, those numbers could either depress me, or perk me up beyond belief.

What did I find out when tracking traffic coming in and out of  The two things that got the most attention were political rants and Charlie Sheen.  Unfortunately, what I found I preferred writing about were movies and crap about my kids and my mentorship of their pop culture lives.  This disconnect has caused more than a few days of, “oh fuck it, why am I bothering… I’m done with this.”, only to get excited about an elevated visit count or a new idea for a post.

So, how many people have visited Mr. Blahg in the last year?  The first month, I felt honored to have an average of 13 readers a day.  August 26, 2010 I was stoked to top 50.  Of course when I began this project, there was a little piece of me that figured once I got the flow of things I would pump out some written chunk of awesome that would become viral and I would have millions of visitors… the fact that I got excited to hit 50 brought that reality home in a big way… there are millions of blogs and pop culture websites out there… many of which have actual writers and entertaining people… what do I honestly have to offer?  Who knows… but I’ll never know if I didn’t try.

Fortunately, I have a co-worker, Craig, who has been a fantastic sounding board and friend throughout this whole process and would join in with my excitement regarding these silly numbers.  By November I finally cracked 100 in a day, and last month I was averaging almost 400 daily readers… some days almost 600… and I’ve had at least two days where I cracked 1000… just scraping underneath 2000.  For some reason… this still left me unsatisfied.  Then I played a little mental game with myself and imagined a room with 568 people in it (one particularly good day last month).  That would be one hell of a crowded room… and every one of those people in that crowded room read something that I wrote on that one day.  Suddenly… I felt pretty good about the entire endeavor… because fact is, I don’t know 568 people… so somehow or another, readership has spread beyond my microscopic circle.

Another little numbers game I played with was the unfulfilled hope that having a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and the podcast would expand that circle further.  I have had 41 loyal followers on Facebook and now 9 followers on Twitter… but it is in the Twitter account that I most recently got excited… and that is thanks to the addition of one person that I am not connected to directly thanks to multiple mentions on my fave podcast, The Walking Deadcast (thanks Jason and Karen… and thank you GracieLou for following!).  Ultimately however… neither of those social media sites has helped as much as I had hoped… so what I’m saying is… go… now… “like” on Facebook… “follow” on Twitter… (thanks)

So… how many individual visits over the course of the last year?  68,956… for an annual daily average of 189 visitors a day!  Does that actually matter or count for anything?  Nope… but it pleases me to no end that I’m able to connect with so many people in some way (although more feedback would be nice).  And thanks to that connection, this has been one of the more enjoyable and exciting years.  Mrs. Blahg has, on more than one occasion, had to remind me what I’m doing this for… I’m doing this for myself.  A way to connect… a way to get my thoughts out into the world… a way to never have to say I didn’t even try.  So from the depths of my heart and mind… thank you all for reading and thanks for all the support.  I look forward to many more years to come.

Yours truly,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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