August, and the dog days of summer…


Greetings readers,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer thus far… and for my readers in the southern hemisphere, I hope your winter is going well… and if you have been asking yourself, “Donde esta Señor Blahg?”, I have lifted my face from my book and dragged myself from the clutches of two hyper Wii remote wielding spawn of mine in order to answer that very question.

I have been lazy.

Not lazy in the sense of sitting on a couch eating bon-bons and sipping champagne cocktails, but lazy in not keeping up with the website, the podcast, or too many thoughts beyond various tasks at hand.  Over the course of the last two months I have had that feeling of perpetual motion… always on the move, yet rarely getting anywhere.  I have spent hours in the community pool, days in the yard tending to the flora and the occasional bit of fauna captured by the cat and either eviscerated or taunted, a night in a crummy motel with my daughters in Tahoe sitting in the hot tub overlooking the snow capped ringed lake, a baseball game with the whole family (on Grateful Dead night… only in San Francisco, go Giants)… reading through the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series (many thousands of pages later, I’m finally on book 5)… car washes and lemonade stands, movies and lazy days of television marathons… all coupled with the looming start day of the new school year quickly approaching (this coming Monday).

Mind you, I’m not offering up any excuses… it’s not as though anybody was counting on a DVD of the week or itching to read some tale of my experiences of being a dad over the last couple of months… but it has been nagging at me.  Over the course of the last year (my first birthday/anniversary is this Thursday… look for my self serving and overly congratulatory post on August 18), Mr. Blahg has grown on me.

I’ve come to love writing for whatever this little chunk of internet real estate is… I’ve preferred the movie reviews and the upcoming trailers… those are simply enjoyable and I’m beginning to lean towards focusing more on that.  I am very fond of political debate and diatribes… but lately… I don’t even know what to say or think at times.  What could I possibly have added to the debt ceiling fiasco?  Nada.  So I skipped it.  I find myself skipping more and more when it comes to politics.  Perhaps it is simply a matter of it being summer… perhaps the climate in Washington supersedes the weather… either way, I have recently found myself at a loss of words.

I’m not completely sure which posts people like more… I have some ideas, but not nearly enough feedback (yes… I’m looking at you).  I’m looking forward to seeing more movies in the fall… look for a fall movie preview soon… I’ll be reviewing the new Feist album in October and her concert in November… with the holidays coming up, I foresee a number of fun little ramblings and thoughts on the Big Three (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Festivus)… the frightening prospect in a couple of weeks when I take my daughters and two of their friends to a Miranda Cosgrove concert (if you don’t know who she is, don’t worry about it… unless you have young daughters there is not reason you should know who she it)… trying to put together a Game of Thrones podcast and attempting to recruit a friend/co-worker to co-host with me…

What I’m getting at is, with winter coming, the future looks bright here at Mr. Blahg.  I wrestle with odd feelings of guilt and anxiety when I don’t attend to the blog, which is insane… I think of stopping altogether at various times, which is insane.  I’ve started this thing and I plan to keep it going… for whatever reason.  There is no agenda here… there is no plan… only the desire to share something.  Hopefully, I may someday try to write something better than what I’ve produced here.  Much of what I’ve posted is admitted crap (with a couple of exceptions)… hacky at best, hokey at worst… but I am happy to be doing something.

Delusions of grandeur aside, I feel far more capable in so many different arenas than I’ve ever let on… my life at times has felt like a series of failed potentials… but each time I begin thinking about this perceived mistake or that poor decision or that weird left turn, I realize that everything that has happened before this very moment, for good or bad, has brought me to where I am now… a beautiful and wonderful wife who is not only my equal or greater in every way but is also my best friend, two incredible daughters who bring meaning and joy into every nook and cranny of my person (except when my youngest is being mischief incarnate… other parents love her… she makes their kids look so much less feral), a solid relationship with my parents (I must admit… I could call and visit more often), a steady career (although… a change would be nice in this regard, but I don’t as a rule bitch about work… certainly not online)… I imagine you understand what I’m saying… my life is a far cry from perfect, but I do my best to appreciate every aspect of it each day.  Tack on to all that great shit, a wonderful group of humans out in this world willing to read my thoughts and peruse my words… thanks.

I think I will leave it at that… thanks.

Thank you… and stayed tuned, more to come… soon…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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