RIP: Amy Winehouse (1983 – 2011)

Amy Winehouse

Although it hasn’t been 100% confirmed, according to TMZ Amy Winehouse was found dead this morning in her London home.  No details regarding her death are known yet.

After the release of her stunningly awesome 2006 sophomore album, Back To Black, Winehouse has been a staple for British tabloids due to her rather hearty appetite for drugs, booze and drama and news of her death feels as though it falls into the category of “saw that coming” as opposed to “oh my, how did this happen?!”. That said however, I was personally rooting for her to clean up and deliver a new album that would rock the foundations of the music industry… I wanted her to succeed.

With her incredible voice and penchant for trouble she seemed poised to become the next Billie Holiday… unfortunately, she did so before releasing more material and only emulated Miss Holiday by dying far too young.

Over the next few days I’m quite certain we will be hearing all sorts of sordid details of her spiral into the abyss… but we should now focus on the music she left behind and mourn for the loss of what could have come.

Rest in peace Miss Winehouse,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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