Memoirs of an idiot’s spawn…

12 pages perhaps?

I can’t really say I have much of an opinion of Bristol Palin.  What I do have an opinion of however, is the notion of anyone paying a 20 year old girl any dollar amount to write her so called “memoirs”.  Memoirs of what exactly??

For starters, she’s only 20… that’s not enough life to fill out a prologue of a book.  What is she famous for?  Being stupid enough to get knocked up by someone more ignorant that she when she was 16 and having a half term governor for a mother?  Because she was on Dancing with the Stars (again… star?)?  Is it because Meghan McCain wrote a book?  Does she believe McCain’s book, Dirty Sexy Politics, regarding the 2008 presidential campaign was something she could best by writing her own “life story booky thingy”?

I don’t harbor any ill will toward this girl… but like her mother… why do you need so much damned attention?  And why should we give a shit about some northern redneck that made the same mistake millions of young girls make daily?  I don’t see any of those girls getting book deals.

Bulldog with Chapstick,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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