In Praise Of: New York

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In 2008, my home state of California embarrassed me to no end when we voted yes on Proposition 8, the proposition making it illegal, again, for same sex couples to marry.  It was a law that was confusing by design, voting yes meant taking something away, funded by out of state religious groups (I’m looking at you Salt Lake City) and took advantage of people’s fears and ignorance.  It was a dark day for most gays and lesbians in the state… and really, around the country.  California is meant to be the place where great things happen… we pave the way to the future… we are wacky… and often as California goes, so goes the rest of the country.

Fortunately, that is not the case.  Last Friday evening, the New York Senate voted to give same sex couples the right to marry.  I’m not sure which house in the state government is Republican controlled… but one of them is.  Did you hear that?  A Republican controlled house of New York’s government voted in favor of same sex marriage!  Awesome!

With one fell swoop, New York is now the sixth state in the Union to grant this right, that my home state took away… now twice as many gay and lesbian couples in the country can marry… and New York has no residency requirements.  It means tax revenues in that state will increase, it means jobs will be created, it means Niagara Falls will once again become a “go-to” spot for marriages and it means civil rights for all is not just a belief held by some, but a fact agreed on by many.

I could not be more pleased for everyone this affects and I must offer praise to New York’s people and to its government.  Now if only my state can do the right thing and realize that civil rights are not something to be voted on… these issues are best dealt with in the courts and in congress.  I may not trust them further than they can be thrown… but I’ve come to distrust my fellow Californians even more so.

Equal rights for all… not some,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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