Coming Soon: Conan the Barbarian (August 19, 2011)

Drogo... errrr... I mean Conan

Remakes, reboots and sequels are as old as film making itself… yet, we all tend to react (usually poorly) to news of any movie we love and/or loved at any time in our lives.  Such was the case when I had first heard they were remaking Conan the Barbarian.

My dad took me to see the original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was 9… and his original love of Conan began with the books (or were they comic books?  I’m not 100% certain).  That was a truly watershed moment in my love affair with film.  It was my first rated R movie with my dad… and the first time I didn’t have to hide my eyes.  It was also an odd bonding experience for my wife and I early on in our relationship… we would quote certain lines in the thick Austrian accent of it’s star… “Krom”… “Conan… what are the three greatest things in life?  To crush you enemies… to see them driven before you… and to hear the lamentations of the wymyn!”… and, “… two snakes, coming together!”

Then I saw the actor who will now portray Conan… Jason Momoa.  I was not impressed.  He simply did not seem to be MY Conan.  I was preparing to shun this particular remake… until two recent happenings.  First, is Game of Thrones.  As Khal Drogo, Momoa has been an awesome presence on screen.  Whether or not he can pull off the great Cimmerian has yet to be seen, but if his performance as Drogo is indicative, we are in good hands (and biceps).  Second, is the trailer below.

Released yesterday, the R band trailer gives us some dialogue and a whole hell of a lot of blood and violence.  He may not look or sound like my Conan… but he sure can swing a sword.  Plus Ron Perlman!  My interest is now officially piqued…

What is the riddle of steel boy?
Cornelius J. Blahg

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