Entertainment Awesome-Sauce: June 14, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson

Today, The Onion’s AV Club reported two stories that can only be described as dripping with awesome-sauce.  In no particular order, and paraphrased by yours truly…

Samuel L. Jackson Reads Go The Fuck To Sleep

Go The Fuck To Sleep is Adam Mansbach’s hilarious children’s book for adults (available through amazon.com).  If you have kids you will relate and crack up reading this fantastic tale of how trying it can be getting your little ones to bed.  Now you can download the audiobook version as read by Samuel L. Jackson via audible.com… for FREE!  That’s right… a free audiobook read by the man who can say the word fuck like nobody else can.  Obviously, this is not to be read to the kids before bedtime… unless you need to get those motherfucking kids into that motherfucking bed… and if that is how your family rolls, may I suggest a good bail bondsman.

Get your free audiobook here.  Or if you are in the market for instant gratification, feel free to watch and listen to it below… or at least until the YouTube clip remains up. Also, be forewarned, it’s not safe for work. I would hope the title would have tipped you off.

Ned... sigh

Sean Bean Gets Stabbed… Has Another Pint

If you have been watching Game of Thrones (which I have, and have also finished reading the book… review to come soon), you know that Sean Bean’s character, Ned Stark, did not have a good week.  Sean Bean himself, did not have the best weekend either.

Mr. Bean (no… not THAT Mr. Bean) was enjoying a drinky-poo or two at a pub in London with a lovely 22 year old model, April Summers (is that a real name?), when some guy made a crass remark towards the young lady.  Sean apparently got into a fight with the guy… chased him down the street… and later, when going outside for a smoke, the guy turned back up, punched Bean in the face and slashed his arm with broken glass.

Did Sean Bean… the man killed in almost every role he takes… run to the hospital?  Nope.  He went back into the bar, got patched up with a first aid kit and ordered another drink!  Winter is coming indeed!

I reports it… you reads it…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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