A Tangled Tale of Trailers (the preview type… not the mobile home type)


One thing that has struck me in recent months is the difference in trailers for different films.  It certainly makes sense that trailers would be geared towards the film they are preceding, but sometimes the gulf between types is staggering.

This fact had been lost on me for years.  I was painfully aware that I would only see trailers for kid’s movies prior to an animated film… but I had forgotten that trailers were even made for foreign and dramatic films.  Last year (or maybe even the year before… can’t recall) when I went to see the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I was fascinated by the Italian and French trailers that I simply forgot existed.  One trailer in particular was about a young Mussolini, which I then read wonderful things about… although I still have not seen it.  Hell… I can’t even recall the name.

What I chuckled at to myself is how far removed from my days working in an art/foreign film theater I am.  How much more accustomed to the big mega blockbuster movie trailers I have become.

Two weeks ago I had that same realization.  First I had seen X-Men First Class… trailers included were Immortals, Cars 2, Real Steel, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher’s version) and Green Lantern.  The next day I saw The Tree of Life, and of the trailers shown, all I can remember is something called The Trip starring Steve Coogan.  I recall this film in particular because it looks absolutely brilliant.  If it weren’t for this trailer I would have never known of it’s existence… and I wonder how many other films I haven’t heard of simply because I haven’t been going to… what?… grown up movies?… independent I suppose?

It wasn’t only the trailers that were different to be sure.  In one theater… young, boisterous and in the case of a woman who entered the men’s room as I was exiting who had a particularly focused look on her face and was followed by a young man with the same focused look, a bit wild.  In the other… older, reserved and nothing remotely close to public restroom chicanery (at least as far as I could tell… I don’t wish to think about the elderly getting it on in a toilet stall).

This may be stating the obvious… but it’s an obvious fact of the movie going experience that can often be overlooked or unnoticed if you only see one type of film.  For too many years I have allowed myself to only watch films in a theater if it was a special effects extravaganza and forwent any drama or foreign film.  I was cheating myself.  Now, thanks to having become Cornelius J. Blahg and making a point to seeing more movies as they are released, I feel I have opened up some new doors and am seeing things anew again.

For comparison’s sake I’ve posted a few of the above trailers… which ones seem more interesting to you?  I’m not saying one type is better or worse than another… simply pointing out the different markets and how blind we can become when we only focus on one thing.

Pointlessly chattering,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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