The Mr. Blahgcast – Episode #3: An Incoherent Mess…

The Senor Blahgcast

After having disappeared for two months, I have picked up my mic again and recorded the fourth Mr. Blahgcast.

It felt awkward, rushed, completely and totally incoherent and quite the rambling mess… but I had to put it out there.  It was necessary for me to spit it out and get it over with.  For whatever reason I froze somewhat after the second episode, and found reason after reason for not being able to just make it happen… chief among those reasons:  lack of time.  And with what little time I have, it’s rarely completely alone… and silly as it may be, I am petrified of the idea of recording with Mrs. Blahg and my wee ones anywhere near me.  Is that unreasonable?  Is that a good reason for anything?

Immediately after I had recorded this recent episode I thought of all the more elegant and concise way I could have put almost everything… and while editing, I considered scrapping the whole thing and starting anew… but no.  I see the hump and I am deciding to get over it one way or the other… and if that means a craptacular podcast episode, so be it.

That said… I do hope you enjoy The Mr. Blahgcast – Episode #3:  An Incoherent Mess.  Click on either the little green icon or the orange icon to hear the podcast, or find me on iTunes.  Feel free to review me there, or leave a comment here.


Looking forward to Episode #4… New Hope?
Cornelius J. Blahg

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