Perspectives of Grey: Conservatives unclear on the concept…


During the health care debate in 2009, scores of angry Tea Party “activists” crowded the capitol and other places to protest what they felt was government intrusion into the business of fucking you over legally… but fucking you privately… that’s the difference.  But it was various takes on the sign above that caught my interest more than others.

Is this willful ignorance or just plain stupidity?  Medicare of course, is run by the government… also, if you make a large sign, spell government correctly.  But I’m not harping so much on the past, but more a question of where are these angered righteous conservatives now?

Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which the Republican’s seem to be falling over themselves to promote, basically kills Medicare in favor of a voucher system to purchase private health insurance.  Because, there won’t be any problem with a 75 year old person with a history of health issues finding private insurance… no, of course not… and the Earth is flat, 6000 years old and babies come from rubbing rhubarb and beets together really fast. Make sense?  Nope.

These proposals are being made by the same party that filled everyone’s head with bullshit like “death panels” and threw around words like “Hitler” and “fascist” when it came to Obama attempting health care reform, came into power in the House by claiming their agenda would be nothing but jobs, jobs, jobs… and are now trying to dismantle abortion laws nation wide and push their, as Newt Gingrich called it, right wing social engineering at it’s worst.  Where are the jobs Mr. Speaker?  And how can you people be taken seriously when you have shown yourselves to be massive hypocrites?

And to anyone who supports the Ryan budget and at any time held up a sign like the one posted above, you are a complete waste of oxygen and a moron.  Stop this crap and get serious… we should not be lead by the least among us.

Just my 2 cents,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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