The death of an enemy


Last night, while millions of Americans gathered around their televisions waiting for The Simpsons or Game of Thrones, we found our programs preempted in favor of a special report… a report stating that the master terrorist and fugitive #1 Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  Although I usually do not relish and celebrate the death of anyone, I cannot find it in me to feel bad in the least regarding this death.  For the United States, and for many other nations and peoples around the world, this is a day long in coming… and a day greeted with great relief, and yes, joy.

In what is coming out as a scene straight out of the movies, the attack on his compound in Pakistan (yeah… palatial compound, not some damned cave) took place at night as helicopters came in and six navy SEALs rappelled down and took Osama and a few others with them.  Bin Laden is reported to have fought back and was taken out with some very well aimed shots to the head.

His body was immediately buried at sea in accordance with Islamic law and many DNA tests have been conducted to ensure that this was in fact Osama Bin Laden.  The other reason for the quick burial is that no state would have taken his body.  How bad of a human must you be for nations to turn away your corpse?

There are a few odd bits of the puzzle such as whether or not the Pakistani government should have been informed, but let’s be honest… they would have fucked it up… so no, we went in, we did what we set out to do nine and a half years ago… and we did it on the anniversary of the asshole G.W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” flight suit gaffe.  Now we can finally say, mission accomplished!

In seven and a half years, Bush couldn’t bring the big man to justice… and amidst all of the “birther” bullshit, phony health care debates and talk of “palling around with terrorists” mumbo jumbo, Obama does what none of these hypocritical hawks could do.  We went in with six men… not an army (well… they were already there more or less), and did what every analyst said should be done… we used intelligence and covert elite force action to take out the most hideous and monstrous terrorist leader in the world.

Do I believe this is the end of the wars?  No.  Do I think this is the end of terrorism as we know it?  No.  Will there be retaliatory action taken by fundamentalist Islamic forces?  Perhaps.  But the symbolic victory this assassination affords the American people is, as a particularly poorly coiffed individual may say… it’s huge!

Although I don’t revel in the death of any person, I am happy for the symbolic victory for all of us who lived through 9/11 as well as for President Obama himself.  I am genuinely happy for the President and for the Democratic Party in general.  After so many years of being told we are weak on the military and weak on terrorism this should be one hell of an “in your face assholes!” sort of moment.

One final thought on this… I’m also very pleased that this operation was performed by the Navy SEALs… mainly because there were some jokes about Navy recruitment a few years back that their new slogan would be “Iraq is almost completely land-locked!  Join the Navy!”  A branch that has seen very little action in these wars delivered the ultimate blow.  Way to go squids!

Not revelling, but relieved,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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