What’s In My Hear Hole Today?: Minds Over Matter

One of my favorite podcasts happens to be the most local podcast I listen to, and frankly, the most low budget (save my own).  The podcast in question is a quiz/trivia call-in radio program out of San Francisco’s NPR station KALW 97.1 titled Minds Over Matter.

Hosted and moderated by Dana Rodriquez with contributor Gerry Nachman and a few different third members of the team including San Francisco Chronicle’s own Leah Garchik and Joshua Kosman and a couple of others… together they take turns round table style asking each other and the audience various trivia questions and if they can’t answer the questions, they turn it over to the audience.  Over the time that I’ve been listening to this show I have begun to recognize a number of the callers and realize that the pool of people calling in is not huge… which helps to make it feel very intimate, and quite frankly, very fun and warm.

The show airs live on Sunday evenings at 7:00, and I’ve been tempted to listen live in order to call in.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve found myself yelling the answers to questions in my car… and truly yelling these things a day late.  I usually download the podcast on Monday morning and for that day only, listen to something other than Rachel Maddow on my way to work.

I don’t have much to say about this podcast other than to say that it is one of my favorites.  It’s informative and as I mentioned, over time I’ve begun to feel a genuine affection for these people.  They are local… they talk about local issues… they talk about places I know… and the questions they ask are often topical although they generally steer clear of anything controversial.  One of the fun aspects of the show is hearing the different personalities of the three and how they interplay with one another.  Gerry is obviously the oldest of the group and is sometimes ribbed for that alone.  And any time Dana is not in the studio, Joshua takes the reins and let me just say this… it becomes very clear what a great host Dana is.

That’s about it…. if you enjoy some fun trivia and you have an hour to spare, I would heartily recommend giving Minds Over Matter.  This can be downloaded and subscribed to via iTunes… or visit their website here.  As I said, this is very low key… low budget… they actually use a real bell when people get the answers correct and I couldn’t find any sort of image to attach to this post.  Oh well… it’s the content that matters.

What’s the matter with mind?,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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