Perspectives of Grey: Birtherism

Donald Chump

For those of you who may not know what a “birther” is, I shall explain… a birther is anyone who does not believe President Obama is legally able to be the president because they believe he was not born in the United States.  Many believe he was in fact born in Kenya as opposed to Hawai’i… and thanks to the idiocy of, first Orly Taitz, herself an immigrant, continually beating the “where is the birth certificate?” drum…. and now, Donald Trump asking this question over and over and over…

Of course, at the beginning of his campaign the President did in fact produce his birth records… the state of Hawai’i, under a Republican governor, has repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of his birth records, even going so far as to show two different birth announcements in the two Hawai’i newspapers… and yesterday the President went so far as to show his birth certificate again to a press conference and saying very bluntly, “we don’t have time for this silliness.”

Why oh why do they continue to doubt the legitimacy of his presidency?  I am loathe to make this accusation… but race can be the only reason.  At no time in the United States’ 235+ year history has anyone demanded to see a birth certificate… and never has anyone had to deal with people who refuse to face reality in the same way that Pres. Obama has had to. 

This should have been a non issue in 2008… even John McCain feebly tried to quiet this particular moron storm… but now, a new storm has been brewing, thanks to the joke candidacy of Donald Trump.  It’s easy for me to say “joke candidacy” because I think he is an attention mongering jack ass… but fact is (and this is the scary part)… he is currently the front runner for the Republican nomination for 2012.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… why do we as a nation continue to look towards business persons to be our legislators?  Business and legislation are two very, very different thing… and every single time we get a business person running things, everything goes to shit.  And what does dragging out the stupid “where’s the birth certificate” rhetoric have to do with anything?

Fact:  Barack Obama has repeatedly produced his birth certificate.  Fact:  Republicans have repeatedly denied it’s existence.  Fact:  Donald Trump is ignoring reality.  Fact:  Idiots and racists buy into this shit.  Fact:  Idiots and racists get to vote the same way intelligent and reasonable people do.  Fact:  Trump and all the other “birthers” are preying on the weak minded and fearful to gain more power on the shoulders of the worst in humanity.

It’s shameful.  Trump isn’t stupid… he’s simply an opportunist.  An opportunist who has the potential to raid our coffers and destroy everything that is great about America.  We didn’t get to the moon and achieve all that we have by denying fact… by thumbing our nose at science… by regressing in our social contracts…. we became great thanks to innovation and hard work… by reasonable men and women who thought before opening their mouths… and by people who weren’t so craven as to take advantage of the growing stupidity of our population.

Now that the president has (again) produced his birth records… do you think this will stop the questioning of his legitimacy?  No.  Now they are demanding to see his school records with claims that he was not even a good student and only got to Harvard (graduating Magna Cum Laude and being president of the Harvard Law Review) via affirmative action.  If anyone tries to tell you that this witch hunt is anything other than blatant racism, you will know one thing about that person… they are a liar.  Or horribly deluded.  Either way… it’s a scary thing.

Embarrassed for U.S.,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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