Coming Soon: Cars 2 (June 24, 2011)

Cars 2

I generally do not get excited for upcoming animated films… but I tend to make exceptions for anything released by Pixar.  Are you aware that no other movie studio in the history of film has managed to have all hits and zero failures?  And with each new release I anticipate the worst… I am expecting that ball to drop… yet… it never does.  They continue to churn out, not just great animated films… not just incredible movies for kids…but film after film that resonate with audiences of all ages and hold up to every critical barb you could conceivably hurl at a film… not that anyone would hurl anything worse than saying something doesn’t compare to another Pixar film.  Even the worst Pixar is better than the best… well… anything else really.  So I can’t say I’m surprised that when I saw the trailer for the upcoming sequel Cars 2 that it looks to uphold their tradition of awesomeness.

I won’t read too much into the plot of the film based on the trailer, only because Pixar has a habit of misleading the audience regarding the depth and scope of its plots and stories, but apparently Mater and Lightning become ensconced in an international spy adventure while racing around the globe… and Mater is introduced to a bidet.  Everyone but the late great George Carlin are back… and if it’s anything like what we’ve come to expect from Pixar… it should be mint.

More than anything… I’m posting this and it’s trailer for the sake of all those adults out there who understand how remarkable this production team’s films are yet do not have kids and therefore aren’t afforded the opportunity to see the trailer preceding lesser animated fare (although Rio was much better than expected).  So take a look at the trailer of what will more than likely be 2011’s animated film of the year… at least commercially.

Cornelius J. Blahg

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