San Francisco’s OutsideLands Festival 2011 lineup announced


Yesterday the lineup for the 2011 OutsideLands Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was announced and after taking a year off from the festival, I may be heading this one.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday, but if history tells us anything on this, it’s better to wait until they announce which days each of the bands will be playing and buy the individual days that you want to see… unless of course you are coming from out of town and are going to embrace the whole thing… and with Phish playing two sets… that may be more of you this year than in previous years.

The first year the festival occurred was 2008… and Mrs. Blahg and I were there on the opening Friday to watch and listen as Radiohead became the first band to ever play in the park at night… plus to see The Black Keys and Beck perform.  Sadly, The Black Keys were playing on a stage that was too far away… and I was waiting in a damned line for churros through much of Beck‘s set.  Radiohead however, gave me what can only be described as a secular religious experience… it was amazing.

The second year was going to be fantastic… Beastie Boys, MIA and Modest Mouse in one day!  Then Adam Yauch was diagnosed with throat cancer and the Beasties had to cancel… thus bringing in Tenacious D to headline… which pissed off MIA because she tried to cancel out on her contract but couldn’t… thus she gave a crappy performance and was late getting on stage and showing her to be a bit of a spoiled cry baby for whom I’ve lost a great deal of respect (not to mention a shitty third album).  Modest Mouse were good though.

The third year we skipped.  No one was headlining that I cared enough to see… and they had whittled it down to two days.  That second year hurt.

But this year… things are looking up.  Arcade Fire puts on an awesome show… The Decemberists could be good to see… Little Dragon is always great to see… I do like at least one Muse song… The Roots, The Black Keys again and Big Audio Dynamite… fun.

So mark your calenders… maybe we can get a Mr. Blahg contingent to go!

Waiting for the daily schedules,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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