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Best of the Left Podcast

Although I’ve been a listener and a fan of this particular podcast for quite a while now, I’ve been somewhat reticent to write a review of it.  The Best of the Left Podcastis basically exactly what the name implies… it is a collection of many different clips from a wide range of either podcasts, news programs and/or radio programs that have a decidedly left leaning perspective and produced and created by a young guy by the name of Jay! Tomlinson (the exclamation point is the way he spells his name… I know… I’m just the messenger). 

The podcast is very well put together, it has won a production award, and is either a collection of clips about a particular theme such as “elections” or sometimes more specific and single issue oriented like “The Crisis is Wisconsin”.  Some of the more regular clips come from Rachel Maddow, The Young Turks, Citizens United, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and others.  It is incredibly informative and if you are interested in the particular specific he is focused on, then it’s phenomenal in it’s detail and scope.  I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be an excellent show (or shows) on the impending shutdown.

Why then would I have been reticent to write about this podcast?  I hate to say it, but I find it’s strictly left perspective to be a little bit myopic and self serving at times.  I’m sure you may be thinking that I too am too far to one side of the political spectrum as well, and you would be correct… but for as much as I enjoy Jay!’s show, I’ve become a little annoyed at some of the contributing clips and at a few points of self aggrandizement from Jay! himself.  And to be fair, my hesitancy has a bit to do with the fact that I am pro law enforcement and military and I get the sense that he enjoys taking cheap shots at cops.  That irks me.  Recently he began using messages from Mumia Abu-Jamal and defending the message and separating it from the messenger… I can’t support giving that guy a platform.  I also get pissed whenever I hear the arrogance of Citizens United… and after the Wikileaks brouhaha and the amazon.com connection he had a number of supporters saying he should cut his ties with Amazon (more on that connection below) and his justification for not doing so, although I did agree, didn’t seem to agree with his overall stance.  It was a bit self serving… and even now he goes on about being an anti-consumer suggesting you not purchase anything, but if you do, let him make some money off of it.  Very capitalistic for an anti-consumer.

Again… I am a fan and very much look forward to hearing the show.  Jay! recently gave up his career as a climate change activist in order to devote himself full time to putting the show together and to be able to deliver the podcast eleven times a month.  He is living off of donations to the show as well a percentage of sales from users you use his amazon.com portal to make purchases.  His website, which can be found at this link, is well constructed and is chock full of information… definitely go check it out.  I believe he even has a YouTube channel now where we can see some of the clips he airs… in fact, follow this link to get to his YouTube channel.

One other aspect of the show that I really like is how much personal attention he gives to his listeners… specifically the fact that he thanks and gives shout outs to those that donate to the site as well as playing many of the phone messages he receives.

Although I have my issues with small aspects of this podcast, they are generally personal… and frankly this is one of the finest political podcasts with a ton of content.  I’m very grateful for the fact that Jay! is giving us the opportunity to hear from people we would normally not be able to hear otherwise.  The show has introduced me to some podcasters and news programs that I would have been completely ignorant of…. and for that, I am very appreciative.  Best of the Left Podcast… give it a listen if you are so politically inclined.

He who does not use punctuation as his name,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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