Perspectives of Grey: Why does the Republican Party hate America?

Boehner and his big gavel

The Republican lead House is currently on the brink of shutting down the U.S. Federal government (again).  They say they are “desperately trying to avoid the shutdown”… yet for months they have been touting the fact that they not only don’t mind if everything is shutdown, they seem to believe it is their mandated reason for being in charge of the House.  These are the very people who got elected by repeating Reagan’s old canard about “the government can’t solve your problems, the government is the problem”… and are currently receiving paychecks from the U.S. taxpayer by being the government as well as all the perks and kick backs that come along with it.  But they are going to ensure that you… the taxpayer… can not receive any services because you hate the government therefore won’t mind if we get rid of it. 

Is that true?  Do most Americans really hate the U.S. government so much they want to shut it down? 

During the health care debate (if you can call a screaming mass of idiots spouting nonsense a debate) people held up such wonderful signs as “keep your government hands off of my Medicare!” in a completely misguided attempt to halt healthcare reform.  Why did they do that?  Maybe because they like Medicare.  Why did Bush’s poll numbers go down so far in 2005?  Perhaps because he pressed to make Social Security privatized… and if he had succeeded… how many elderly people in the U.S. would now destitute thanks to the economic crisis of 2008?

The American people do not hate their government.  Although some of them have been told for so long now that government is the problem, by the very people who ARE the government, that they no longer think about what that means.  No more Medicare… no more Social Security… and a blank check for the richest among us and every tax break imaginable for the largest corporations… and ultimately, the end of the middle class and the beginning of the era of poverty not seen since the Great Depression.

You think that sounds extreme?  If the GOP cared so much about the deficit, why did they not allow the Bush tax rates for the wealthiest among us expire?  That alone would reduce the deficit by half.  If the GOP loved the military as much as it claims to, why would they send our troops into combat under false pretenses and under equipped?  If they wish to create jobs here in America, why do they continue to ship our jobs overseas with the help of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and when confronted with the fact that their plans would cut a whole host of jobs, Boehner’s response was, “so be it”?

I hate to say it… but these people do not care about you (unless you are making millions of dollars a year or are a major corporation).  They said they came into office to create jobs and get the economy going… but they have spent it working on anti-abortion laws, eliminating collective bargaining rights and attempts to dismantle all unions and regulations nationwide.  Not to mention, working less. 

So what will a government shutdown prove?  For every benchmark in cuts the GOP has set and the administration has met… they have moved the mark.  For every new rule they have set for the House… they have broken.  What are they proving?  As Paul Ryan (R-Wis) said, “this is not a budget, it’s a cause.”  Well Mr. Ryan… we need a budget… keep your cause to yourself! 

If these people were serious, they would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, cut subsidies to corporations making billions in profits, trim the defense budget of it’s pork, stop trying to scapegoat teachers, police and firemen as the enemy of the people and stop taking out your petty arguments on the poorest of the American people and stand up to your fat donors and tell them they are going to have to pitch in their fair share… not more, just their actual fair share minus all of the loopholes. 

But let’s face it, these people are not serious… they simply hate America.

In Dwight Eisenhower’s administration the top income tax bracket for the wealthiest Americans was 91%.  Today’s wealthy are whining about a 3% increase from 36% to 39%.  Listen to what a real American said in his final address to the nation… a president who presided over the period of time most (at least second most after Reagan’s era) fetishized by the Republican Party… and hear how relevant what he said is today.

E Plurabus Blahgum,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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