New Beastie Boys single ‘Make Some Noise’ now out!

Beastie Boys

Two years ago the Beastie Boys had to back out of the OutsideLands Festival here in San Francisco as well as cancelling a tour due to MCA (aka Adam Yauch) being diagnosed with throat cancer.  Fortunately, modern medicine can be a wonderful thing, and MCA is back to doing his thing along with Ad-Rock and Mike D… and it seems they too have gone back in time and ditched much of the digital that has marked so many bands progressions over the past decade and returned to a more old-school analog sound.

With their first single, Make Some Noise, from their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2 (don’t worry, you didn’t miss Part 1, they never released it) they certainly do show a return to form… as in all three rapping with some old beats.  A very welcome return indeed.  Give the song a listen below and look for the album to drop on May 3. 

That funky monkey junkie,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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