The Mr. Blahgcast, Episode 2 has posted…

The Mr. Blahgcast

The sophomore episode of The Mr. Blahgcast podcast is posted and ready for your aural consumption.  I hope some things have improved, I’m positive more things need work… for some reason there is a strange echo in the podcast that shouldn’t be there… I will try to sort that out… but it was a pleasure bringing the second installment to you.  Either click on the small orange XML button below or follow the link below that… Also, look for it on iTunes soon.


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  1. Just listened to this – excellent stuff. I already sent you an email about it but I’ll repost here:

    Was just listening to your second podcast episode today – some of what you were saying reminded me of myself – we’re around the same age (I just turned 40), I worked in a movie theater (best job ever), and there was a period in time there where I was getting overly intellectual about my entertainment and I wouldn’t let myself enjoy the broader, fun stuff – if it didn’t have depth and meaning, I thought it was worthless.

    I guess I still have a little bit of that going on. I swear I will never watch another Michael Bay movie. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! But I doubt my snooty college self would’ve liked things like, say, Lost or even The Walking Dead nearly as much as I love it now.

    Anyway, enjoyed listening. You have a great voice for it and you have lots of interesting things to say. Be fun to hear you with a co-host (and I bet that would help motivate you to do more podcasts), but IMO you do great by yourself. I like how you incorporate short bursts of music into the podcast too, btw. Very cool!

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