What’s In My Hear Hole Today?: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me

In light of the GOP’s war on NPR I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight at least one of my favorite NPR programs available as a podcast.  This week, I’m going to highlight the always hilarious… and highly informative news quiz show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Hosted by Peter Sagal and featuring the voice and hilarity of Carl Kasell (both shown below), this pair leads a panel of three comedians/celebrities and callers through a game show whose focus is the news.  If you are not up on current events, you will not fare well on this quiz show… and if you don’t care for politics or world events… then this show may not be for you.

Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell

If you do care for such topics, then you should listen to this show immediately.  There are always certain segments that repeat weekly… first a caller calls in and answers three questions.  If they get at least two out of three correct then they win Carl Kasell’s voice on their voice mail.  Next is guess the real story… a caller tries to correctly identify the one real story out of three.  Moving on to limericks, Carl gives three limericks with the last word missing and the caller must identify that word.  Then a celebrity calls in for a segment called, “That’s Not My Job”, where the celebrity must answer two correct questions out of three based on a subject that have nothing to do with who or what they are or do.  For example… when Dick Van Dyke was the celebrity they asked him three questions… one about Dicks (as in Richards… get your mind out of the gutter), one about vans… and yes, one about dikes (the dam like things… for shame).  Finally, the show wraps up with a quick round for each of the panelists to see which of them wins.  I don’t know what they win… but it’s fun.

This show is hilarious… witty… intelligent… and very, very NPR (that’s code talk for not conservative… ie. potentially liberal).  Also, visit their website for more information.  I would very much recommend giving Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! a listen… it will be the one hour a week where you can learn and laugh at the same time.

I want Carl Kasell on my voice mail,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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