Perspectives of Grey: The GOP’s War on NPR


This week the Republican majority in the House voted to defund NPR… and it passed.  Why would Congress vote to eliminate funding for what many Americans, myself very much included, consider to be some of the finest radio programming on air today?  It’s too liberal, that’s why.

They do not believe that public funding should go to an organization that is so very one sided… especially when it’s not their side.  They have no problem funding subsidies gas and oil companies… no problem funding subsidies to farmers to either grow no crops or only one crop (namely corn)… no problem funding pet military projects that benefit their districts even when the military itself no longer wants certain items… but they must, in the name of the deficit and our national debt, defund NPR.

Let’s start with the issue of the deficit and debt… if they were serious with that, why not allow the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the rich?  If they were as stimulative as they say, then why has the economy done so horrid ever since those cuts were put in place more than ten years ago?  Why increase the deficit in order to help your rich donors, yet take away unemployment benefits which by all accounts are far more stimulative that tax cuts?  (please note that unemployed people are usually not rich donors)  Going after teacher’s unions (and collective bargaining in general) and NPR makes so much sense… what a drain!

Of course, two reasons that NPR has been targeted are the Juan Williams firing and the recent James O’Keefe “expose” of the former NPR executive.  The Juan Williams firing was a bit odd… he said he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on a plane on a FOX News program and NPR fired him for being an ass.  I’m not so sure if that was a good way to go… and they have said they could have handled that situation better.  But seeing how Mr. Williams got a $2 million deal at FOX for his troubles… I’m not losing any sleep over that.

The James O’Keefe issue is another thing altogether.  If you are unaware of what happened, or who Mr. O’Keefe is, allow me to clarify a bit.  O’Keefe came into prominence a while back when he and a female friend dressed up as a pimp and his under age hooker and filmed some ACORN employees trying to help them get housing even after knowing what and who they were.  He also got on film a man in southern California, ACORN again, helping him smuggle some under age girls from Mexico into the US for his prostitution ring.

Those are the basics… which a few glaring exceptions.  Those are the basics as far as FOX and most media outlets reported on.  What they didn’t report on (at least FOX didn’t) was that when they were speaking to ACORN as pimp/ho…. they were dressed in suits, not the 70’s blaxploitation outfits they were shown wearing in the film… and heavily edited their material.  Not to mention having gone to dozens of ACORN offices before finding someone who would sound credibly incredulous.  The southern California situation was even more heavily edited and didn’t show the man they were trying to dupe getting all of their info and informing police of what he was trying to do.  Of course, due to this, ACORN lost all funding.  (please note that the two biggest financial supporters of Democratic candidates in 2006 and 2008 were labor unions and ACORN… coincidence?)

O’Keefe then was caught red handed breaking into US Senator, Democrat from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu’s office and tampering with her phone lines attempting to “catch” her in a sting of some sort… unfortunately he was caught.  You think this would have discredited this asshole… but no…

Now he has caught a former NPR executive stating that he believe the Tea Party to be racist and ignorant and that they may be better off without Federal funding.  OMG… Did he really just say what most of us are actually thinking!!??  And for all of these questionable actions… O’Keefe is a hero on the right.  Because you all know… Ira Glass and Car Talk are preparing to brainwash us all into a liberal coma.

The current Republican majority in the House is being the opposite of responsible… they are behaving in a remarkably petty and infantile way that should cause every conservative to hang his or her head in shame.  The current Republican governors are also attacking that which has made the US great in many other way… whether it’s Wisconsin’s attack on unions, South Dakota’s attempts to call the killing of abortion doctors “justifiable” or trying to redefine rape… women are under attack, liberalism is under attack and reason is left for dead.

If we didn’t have NPR, where would we get real news not colored by glitzy graphics and pretty made up faces?  Facts and reality are known to have a liberal bias… perhaps they can defund that as well.

Some things considered,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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