DVD of the Week: The Walking Dead, Season 1

Rick Grimes covered in zombie offal

In the event you didn’t realize I have a thing for zombies… allow me to beat that dead horse a bit further.  I love zombies… and the most recent and finest fix I can get on the Z word happens to be AMC’s The Walking Dead.  I have already reviewed the show here, the comic series the show is based on here and my favorite podcast dedicated to the show here.  Now it’s time for a mention of the two disc season one DVD set that was released last week.

Along with the six episodes that comprise the first season are plenty of extras… including, but not limited to: Zombie school, behind the scenes extras and featurettes, zombie make-up tips, a sneak peek with Robert Kirkman, and plenty of other goodies and interviews.  I’m sure the Blu-Ray has even more… but I’m lame and have yet to upgrade my system.

But of course, it’s the actual show that is the draw.  Somewhat uneven at times in terms of writing and a few storylines that deviate quite a bit from the comic itself… overall this is a phenomenal show.  Three episodes that stand out for me are the pilot, directed by Frank Darabont himself; ‘Guts’ (pic above), just for the level of nastiness and zombie death and the introduction of Glenn and Andrea, among others; and the fourth episode ‘Vatos’, penned by Robert Kirkman and introducing a completely new storyline that at first I was annoyed with, but in retrospect was quite awesome indeed.

In just six episodes, The Walking Dead has established itself as being absolute quality in terms of any drama on TV in addition to elevating the zombie genre to remarkably high levels.  I haven’t even mentioned the cast… stellar.  Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, Steven Yuen, Jeffrey DeMunn and others… not a wink link in the bunch.  I take that back… one character I’m not fond of that we meet in episode two… but I won’t harp on him.  There is hope he may return in some spectacular fashion… we’ll see.

I also want to let you all know of a contest going on at walkingdeadcast.com where you can win a copy of The Walking Dead, Season 1.  Instructions for how to enter are at their website, which I implore you all to visit, but boils down to this:  on Twitter (where Mr. Blahg can also be found) you must Tweet a little something then give them a call and leave Jason and Karen your best zombie sound you can come up with.  Jason has even make a “zombie sound keyboard”… perhaps a zombie Jingle Bells won’t be far behind.  So join in at The Walking Deadcast and get in touch with the two best zom-casters around.

So… as always, make sure you see The Walking Dead, Season 1 on DVD… buy it, rent it, win it or stream it… just see this show.  And in the meantime, enjoy the awesome trailer…

Cornelius J. Blahg

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