What’s In My Hear Hole Today?: The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow

I realized last week that all of the podcasts I have reviewed so far have been entertainment based… yet, it was politics that started me listening to podcasts in the first place… chiefly, The Rachel Maddow Show.  Having two young kids makes taking the time to actually watch a political news show difficult if not impossible.  Listening in the car on the way to work and while working is a completely different story.

This was the first podcast I ever had the pleasure of hearing in my hear holes… and it is the one I still start each day with.  Rachel Maddow came into public awareness with her show on the now defunct Air America, then became a regular guest host on the now defunct Countdown with Keith Olbermanand now, with Keith’s help, she has her own show on MSNBC.  Her’s is the one political show, that although decidedly liberal… both lowercase l and uppercase L…, feels the most fact based and without the histrionics and bombast found on so many other news programs with a political bent.

She has many wonderful guests and always hopes and tries to get as many conservative and/or Republican guests as she can… but they simply will not come on her program… with the exception of Michael Steele, who is as entertaining as he is nonsensical.  When she makes an error (which is not often) she corrects herself… when she lays out a situation before announcing a new guest she will always ask whether or not she characterized something correctly… when she targets an issue, she attacks it, often for weeks, giving what may be some of the most in depth coverage of particular topics anywhere in the political world.  She does not work in sound bites… she works in ideas, concepts and facts.

Over the past couple of years we have heard a great deal of rhetoric regarding equivalency between those at FOX and those at MSNBC.  Statements that they both deal in over the top political mud slinging… but I do not believe in that equivalency in any way shape or form.  Olberman had at time used theatrics to make some points… but he lived in a world of fact.  Maddow is as easy going as can be… and also, always in a fact based world.  FOX?  Come on… their bread and butter is demagoguery.  Sorry if that bothers some of you… but they seriously have some clowns working over there.  You may not like what the liberals are saying… but you can’t seriously dispute the facts. 

If in depth coverage of the topics that matter to those of you on the left is your thing… then I must highly recommend either watching The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, or like me… give her a listen.  You may not get the visuals… but you can focus on what is being said… and I always prefer words to pretty pictures (unless I’m in an art museum… but that’s another wheelhouse altogether).

The truth?  You can’t handle the…
Cornelius J. Blahg

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