America’s latest punching bag… Charlie Sheen

I'm an F-18 bro...

I have managed, up until now, to completely bypass all celebrity starfuckery and gossip… yet the current fascination of watching Charlie Sheen implode and possibly commit career suicide is simply too fantastic not to make a comment or two.

For starters, when he first came out after his hernia issue and stated that sobriety is boring and he will not go into recovery, I thought, “Holy shit… he’s being totally honest.  He may be a bit nuts thanks to possibly drug induced psychosis… but that was pure honesty.”  And to a very certain degree, I still feel that way.  We have this tendency to elevate celebrities to ridiculous heights and then act shocked and surprised when they suddenly take on a more human sheen (pun totally intended).

Yes, they can act stupid at times… yes, they have a grandiose image of themselves… and yes, they can behave like petulant children.  But imagine living in a world of massive quantities of cash, sycophants around every corner and access to a lifestyle most of us either couldn’t deal with or would even want to, even while pretending we would.  Can you really fault him for being annoyed with being held up as something other than human… or fault him for believing he is beyond human?  He has been under the media’s microscope his entire life thanks to having a famous father and then he and his brother creating their own fame… Platoon, Major League and Hot Shots 1 & Deux… among so many others.

We’ve seen him go through an overdose, a marriage to another celebrity, a much reported on divorce and even more reported on knife wielding rampages against the hooker in his hotel during a cocaine binge… damn… that guy is fucked up!  Aren’t we a bit complicit in that break down? 

I can’t help think about Brittany Spears and her unraveling a few years back… which then got me thinking about the parallels between Elvis and Britanny… how can we expect some white trash redneck to achieve sudden and massive fame at the level they acheive as young as they were and not fall to pieces when what we would consider reality crashes your party.  I have a very particular bit of sympathy for all of the above.  I am not saying it’s good… but it is probably more understandable than we are giving credence to.

On that note… let’s have a laugh.  First, go check out  Click on Charlie’s head to reveal a different quote from his most recent rants.  Then go check out the t-shirts and onesies available with those various quotes such as, “I’ve got tiger blood and Adonis DNA” or “I don’t sleep, I wait”.  Complete and utter nonsense… and quite frankly, better than anything you or I could come up with!

After visiting that site… check out these Jimmy Kimmel Live clips… they make me giggle and feel guilty for exploiting someone who probably needs some major medical and psychological help at the same time… I’m so conflicted!

When you are finished with all of that silliness… check out his Twitter feed… it is quite a thing. And finally, I sincerely wish Charlie Sheen the best of luck in terms of reorienting his head and rejoining the rest of us here on planet Earth.

Cornelius J. Blahg

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