To podcast… or not to podcast…

podcasting thingy-bob

When I began Mr. Blahg I had a number of ideas in mind… one of which was the potential for a future podcast.  Of course, my biggest question was what would I podcast about… and with whom would I embark on an adventure like that.  I believe I have made up my mind…

What I am hoping to begin soon will be known as the Mr. Blahgcast.  It will be a natural extension of this blog.  Every post I make I invariably think of all the things I either forgot to mention or didn’t elaborate on due to time and trying not to write a frickin’ novella for every passing idea I had.  I also realized I can talk and convey more information in five minutes than I can in a long and rambling blog post.  So although I will not have a partner in this and will be podcasting alone, I will treat it as a supplemental to the blog.  Perhaps weekly… maybe bi-weekly.

When I began the blog itself it was in lieu of standing on a soapbox and ranting… or in lieu of being able to sit around with a group of friends and have those kind of discussions you can only have with a few bottles of wine and a great deal of expendable time.  Then one day I realized a very important fact… I’m an aging married man with two kids who has little or no time to rant or socialize nearly as much as my ideas and goals would like.  Mr. Blahg has been an awesome outlet for some of these desires… and I believe a podcast would fulfill even more.

I would love to hear back from some of my readers either on Facebook, here on the comments or email me at  I’m already working on getting permission to use an awesome tune as an intro/outro… but I’m not holding my breath.  Hopefully, you will hear from me soon… stay tuned!

I can blah blah blah with the best,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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  1. Definitely easier said than done… Not just music issues, but equipment, location, time, content, etc. But I’m working on it. I always thought I had a face that belonged on the radio! Stay tuned…

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