What’s In My Hear Hole Today?: The Walking Deadcast

The Walking Deadcast

As any self respecting fan of whichever show you may be geeking out over knows, whether it be LOST, Star Wars or The Walking Dead, you should also be seeking out the podcast that best fits your taste for obsessive behavior. I had found my LOST podcast in Jay and Jack… and I tried on a few Walking Dead podcasts… but found most to be somewhat lacking. Either due to the infancy of the show’s run (6 episodes total for season 1) or the somewhat puerile humor that the zombie genre can attract, I hadn’t found the podcast that fit. Fortunately, I found The Walking Deadcast.

Hosted by friends Jason and Karen here in the San Francisco Bay Area, they offer a great look at not only the show The Walking Dead but also all things both horror and zombie related. They began podcasting well before the release of the show with the very hopeful anticipation that AMC would deliver something of quality based on what both knew to be fantastic source material… luckily for them, the show kicks ass. With a few reoccurring segments; the DeadCast Top 5, Listener Moans Groans and Grunts, This Week in Zombies, and others… the highlight of their podcast for me have been the interviews.

Interviews with The Walking Dead‘s author Robert Kirkland, artist Charlie Adlard, and stars Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Laurie Holden (Andrea) and quite a few others… even Steven Yuen (Glenn)! They immediately ask some great questions, get the stars to open up a bit and just have a little bit of fun with the whole experience. They even manage to get a zombie noise out of everyone they interview… aaarrrrggghhh… GAK! Jason being a long time comics fan brings with him a great sense of knowledge on the subject with never once spoiling any bit of future plot (unless you are talking about the Kirkman interview… but he gives a spoiler warning) as well as being surprisingly at ease with the process itself… I’d be a total fanboy.

Karen is simply hilarious. I don’t know what it is about her inflections, her laugh, odd references to being on crack or her wonderfully obvious willingness to be as big a dork as any zombie fan I’ve ever known… but I know one of the reasons this show stuck with me was having a female perspective. Women who enjoy horror see and discuss horror in different ways than men… men seem to make noises (oooohhhhhh… did you… ohhhhhh… yeahhhhhh), women will actually say a sentence like, “I love Daryl’s baseball bat decapitation!”… and although not an exact quote I seem to recall Karen saying something along those lines.

Each of the six first season episodes have been reviewed and can be found either at their website (link above or in my blogroll) or on iTunes along with all of the interviews, preseason shows and the current episodes covering other horror and sci/fi films… 28 Day’s, Black Sheep and most recently Suspiria.

On an episode a week and a half ago they asked for fan’s favorite podcasts as well as always asking for fan input and fan Top 5s… and as happens on occasion, as I was listening at work, I became overcome with the desire to write in. For the first time I finally wrote to someone as a fan and being the shameless self promoter that I am I of course mentioned this very blog and how well so many of our tastes mesh and have at times overlapped in terms of content… and I have spent the last week and a half hoping foolishly for a reply. In a manner of speaking I finally got a reply… not the email I was anticipating, but an absolutely awesome and deadtastic treat that I could not have anticipated nor expected… Jason and Karen actually gave a shout out to me and this site!!! I cannot even express how stupidly excited I got while driving home this evening and hearing Mr. Blahg being mentioned on my favorite Walking Dead podcast.

So thank you Jason for the shout out and having taken a moment of time to peruse these humble pages… and Karen, thanks for agreeing!! You have both made my week… and have made my experience of watching AMC’s The Walking Dead a more enriching and communal experience. As I know Jay and Jack’s show was for both of you and myself a great companion to a great show… the two of you are now filling that niche. Thanks for everything…

As Jason and Karen would say… Don’t get bit,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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