Music Review: 21 – Adele

Adele - 21

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Blahg and I were enjoying a few glasses of wine and watching either SNL or some other show on the TV Box and were suddenly transfixed to the sound emanating from our speakers.  Here was a young woman channeling the voice of a thousand soul singers into one beautiful and powerful sound… she was the 21 year old Adele and she was performing Rolling in the Deep.  I had no idea who she was… but I certainly know now.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of her… she was 2009’s Best New Artist Grammy winner, had a hit album 19 a couple of years ago and is quite simply amazing.  This young Brit has already racked up awards, great reviews and won the appreciation of then Prime Minister Gordon Brown… apparently I live under a rock at times.

With a voice comparable to Amy Winehouse without the crack, or perhaps Alison Moyet, the first track off her latest offering, 21 is the aforementioned Rolling in the Deep.  A strong blues based offering, this track simply rocks.  The second track, Rumour Has It is also remarkably catchy and strong… from there I’m afraid she mellows things out.

I can’t complain in the least regarding her voice… it is something to behold… but her selection of ballad after ballad leaves me a bit wanting.  One interesting moment is her cover of The Cure‘s Lovesong.  It’s a very different look at a very familiar song… but again, I do wish she would have thrown some drive into it.

Really, my only complaints about the album involve my desire to hear some more thumping blues out of this blue eyed soul singer… I’m sure if mellow soul is your thing than this will more than satisfy your cravings, but I can’t help feel something was squandered.  Then again… even one song like Rolling in the Deep is enough to make a career of.  I look forward to what she brings to the table in the future.

Rolling in something,
Cornelius J. Blahg

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